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Ajay B
How long does it take for a bruise to go away?

depends on how fast you heal. When ever i get one it goes away ussally in a couple of days

usually 1 to 2 days

A week or two, the worse it is, the longer it will take

Charlie B
Bruises are a sighn of a true parkourest or "traceur"
"even though we seek perfection we wear our scars with pride"
meaning we know we are better because of the pain we have gone through to get to where we are now.

It depends on the size of the contusion, but a bruise is basically damaged blood vessels underneath the skin, often caused by blunt force. Blood leaks from the vessels into the tissue, hence the purple/blue/green color. Minor bruises go away in a few days or weeks. More severe bruises take longer to heal. If you wish to speed up the healing, or reduce inflammation, you can take NSAIDs (such as Aleve), and take vitamins, or eat lots of fruit. Vitamin C helps to heal wounds. Arnica gel and ice can be used as well to ease swelling and reduce pain.

Jason R
Depends on how dark the bruise actually is...but def check the symptom checker at WebMD ^_^

Caridee Georgia
a few weeks :( i have tons and i dont even know where i got them.

it depends on the type of bruise

if its extremely dark
a week?

it its light
1 - 2 days

in the middle
maybe 3

1-2 week usually, give or take a few days, depending on the severity of the bruise.

Only a few days.

I recommend that instead of focusing your energy on how bad your bruise looks, you should go out and have fun.

Caring about trivial thinks such as this is dumb.

if it is a minor bruise i say 1 week, but if it is severe it depends on how you treat it

nint3ndo chic
umm about a couple of days......yeah....

Julie R
a week or two?? no no no!

they can go on for months...

i had one the size of a golf ball simply by bumping into the snow blower... and that was in march... it went away in may

thats 2 months

depends how bad it is, i say a week

The Stranger
A bruise (also known as a contusion) usually last about 2 weeks. You can determine the age of a bruise by the color of it. It usually is:
day 1-5 the bruise appears black or blue
day 5-10 the bruise is lighter and more or less green or dark yellow
day 10-14 the bruise turns yellow and then fades completely

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