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 Is this answer actually true?!?!**??!!?
i was randomly searching questions and answers and then i saw a way too break ur ankle it said jump high, turn ur ankle and land on it that way. is that really true? if i did that off my bed will it ...

 I have a really bad burn on the bottom of my foot, what should I do?
Alright yesterday I was out swimming with my friends and we lit a camp fire. My one stupid friend threw a huge rock on the fire to put it out, and all it did was blow embers and ash everywhere. I was ...

 Should I take my son to the er, how can u tell if it is serious or not???
My 6 yr old slammed his finger (thumb) in the car door. The back of the thumb is bruised already and its only been 20 min. His thumb nail is also pretty bruised. It is swollen but he can move it. ...

 I stubbed my toe. How do u get it to stop hurting...?
It hurts so bad but i dont know what to do. It isnt broken i know that cause i can bend it....

 My Dad needs my help and I don't know how to help him!?
My Dad was found on the floor of his home a week ago and he had urinated on himself and couldn't get up to get help. He's gone from a independent guy who's very short tempered and ...

 Help! my mom wont take me to the doctor?
I've had diarrhea for about 7 days now and it does not seem to be getting any better and yesterday I started throwing up and also my stomach had some sharp pains today and yesterday and she ...

 I am recovering from a toe injury,I'm going to see my dr On Monday?I am worried he might give me the ok?
i am stressed worrying about going back to work.The thing is,part of me doesn't want to go back to work,because of my being stressed,and the possibility of maybe going on strike in a couple of ...

 What does a cracked rib feel like?
I got a bit drunk the other day, and bumped into a high table in a bar. Since then, my rib has waves of pain in it, not constant, but now and then. It kinda hurts.

Any Doctors in the house?...

 Why is my foot so cold?
i recently pulled a ligament in my right ankle. it was, needless to say, very painful, swollen and red for a few days. this has now gone, but my foot is constantly feeling cold. i do suffer from '...

 If i have a muscle pulled around my heart..is it safe to cheer?
i went to the doctor monday and they said i suppositly had a pulled muscle around my heart..and my parents said i shouldnt stunt at the games..my dad doesnt think it really is a muscle because it ...

 I sprained my foo about 4 monthes ago?
it was very badly bruised i didnt go hospital. now i cannot run probably or kick any thing without it causing me a lot of pain 4 a few minutes what could b the matter is it posible that i damaged any ...

 How many of you just cant resist to pick a scab?
it no its rank but its my thing and we all do it.
dont deny it.
Additional Details

im a picker i love a good sit on the couch and just pick your way to heaven.

 Why does getting hurt make my body numb?
When I get hurt like stub my toe or bang my elbow on the wall my body goes numb and I feel like I can't stand anymore and I fall to the ground.
Additional Details
When I get hurt ...

 If you were to have surgery, where would you look to make sure your doctor?
was good at his profession, good at the type of surgery you needed? Is there some place I could check to see if he had any suits against him?...

 Should i Be able to sue my school??
well it was pouring down rain here this morning and i was running around and suddenly crash, i had slipped into a missing paver hole...you couldnt see it cause it was covered up with water ike the ...

 My hand is killing me, it hurts so badly?
My hand is killing me?
am 14 years old and on Monday I was playing with my friend and my right hand collided very hard several times very hard with my friends knee and knuckle. Today my hand ...


 I am from the United States and am visiting Canada, I am in pain and need a prescription, but I have no doctor
I have been in Canada for a month now and I injured my ankle falling down icy steps... Healthcare is free for Canadians up here but not for Americans, I have insurance but they say I have to pay for ...

 Tennis elbow, please let me know if you have discovered a pain relief,?
I have had the chronic pain in my arm and sometimes in my shoulder for over a month. I had a cortisone injection 6 days ago, I have tried the sports supports and Painkilling gel, nothing works!

 How do u treat a fracture?
i got hert by a ball at soft ball and i have a small fracture on my wrist and the docter said that it will heal by it self but it herts so ...

How long does a broken pelvis take to heal?

Ok now for a real answer. 8 weeks to a yr. How bad is the break. If it is a fracture it won't be as long, clean break will be longer. You will need to go to therapy after wards to strengthen your muscles back to par. Don't do any lifting or twisting you may make the break worse.

*wince* poor you or whoever it is. That'll take months to heal..

Depends on your age and if it is a pathologic fracture or not. An eldery person who breaks their hip because of osteoporosis has a very difficult time. One third recover. One third become confined to a wheelchair and one third don't survive.

For a healthy person, depending on how bad it is, it could take months to recover. One thing that is overwhelmingly important is that you do your rehab. A person who does their rehab will likely fully recover. But a person who does not, might not recover.

My next door neighbor is a good example. About 20 years ago, he was pulled off balance by this huge dog he owned. Falling on a rock that was jutting out (he was in the woods), he shattered his hip. He healed, but he did not do any of his rehab. He became confined to a wheelchair. He spent 15 years confined to that wheelchair. About 5 years ago, he went in for some surgery and this time, did the damn rehab. Now, he is walking.

15 years in a wheelchair because he was too lazy to do his rehab. Don't let that be you.

As long as it takes. I am not trying to be funny. A doctor can give you an estimate, but each individual heals at their own rate. I remember once after an operation, a doctor at the hospital told me that I would take two weeks to heal. I went to my own doctor two weeks later and he was surprised to see that I had healed so well and that it should have taken six weeks. I told him what the doctor at the hospital told me and so I just healed. My doctor that he was going to start telling his patients that they would heal faster - that it's often mind over matter.

6 weeks - 3 months depending on how bad. Could even be longer.

6 weeks, could be longer depending on how old you are, also bone density and whether the victim had bone diseases such as oesteopirosis (brittle bones) and other factors related to that.

dont you step on my blue suede shoes

Sexy Red
Having a fractured pelvis all depends on alot off things really,age,fracture site,surgery etc.The healing process can take along time thou,especially if theres no surgery required,also having to lye still for mths too.But if surgery is required the process off healing is alot quicker normally about 3-6mths thats if there is no complications.

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