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 What exactly is sports massage and how does it differ from ordinary massage?
I dislocated my knee in December and I was braced in a split for several weeks.

Ive been having physiotherapy since January, as I had a lot of muscle wastage and couldnt bend my knee or ...

 I had a knee cap removed 15 days ago. May I walk once recovered? What are the problems I might face?
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 If you fracture your wrist as a child is it more susceptible to strain in later life?
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 It hurts to shake hands how do I gracefully not shake hands without appearing rude?
I have a lot of joint pain in my hands and arms and don't know how to gracefully get out of shaking hands with friends and aquaintances....

 What do you all think of this a doctor who you called on the phone about a broken ankle?
the person who has the suspected broken ankle has epelipsey thats how they broke theyr ankle the doctor then says thats not urgent so you call back couple minutes later relising how serious this is ...

 How can i help cure a sprained ankle quikly.?
It happened yesterday, is very swollen and bruised.
I have a football match on thursday night and training tomorrow night!

 How can you tell if the bone has a hair line fracture or if it is badly sprained?
I play volleyball all the time and one time in practice I hit my wrist really hard on the ground while diving. This happened in November and it has been sore since then. When I try to lift heavy ...

 If you break a bone, which one will hurt the most?
Please also include your explanations....

 Does anyone know how to help bruises heal faster?
i have fair skin and I bruise very easy. Sometimes i dont even know what I hit to get the bruise. I have already had a full phsical and blood work and all is normal. does anyone know of a way to help ...

 Could u break in bone in the bottom on your foot without really knowing?
on my foot the bottom not the toe but under where the toe connects it hurts. It is crunchy sounding when i push on it. Not in any extreme pain it is just annoying.
Additional Details
its ...

 Losing a smashed fingernail?
I smashed my fingernail last month and it has been purple ever since. It is now acting like it will fall off. It is fraying at the cuticle area. There seems to be a new nail underneath. Will I ...

 Is it okay to ice your ankle with a frozen bag of corn?
im just wondering because we're out of ice and our ice packs are no longer icy....

 How to heal bruises fast?
I've got two massive ones on my knee and shin, the one on my knee is keeping me from being able to run or walk up stairs....

 Okay..help! 10 points first good answer!?
my friend fell on her elbow pretty hard duing school
she was like crying andholding her elbow and saying i hurt alot.
we were on our way to an assembly so i tod her to just try and stop ...

 Help I cant stop shaking!?
I was walking up the cement stairs and tripped skinned up my shin and tumbled down the stairs while i was doing that i swallowed my starburst and i started choking lukily for me my mom was just ...

 When will my sprained ankle be back to 100%?
i sprained my ankle back in the third week of April. By the one month mark I was 98% better but it's been two months now and it hasn't improved the rest of the way since. It is very stiff ...

 How do i stop bleeding from my nose too much?
im in boxing and i wanna know how i can stop my nose from bleeding so much , because when i get punched just a little bit i bleed a lot and when they keep hitting me it goes al over the place every ...

 Ingrown toenail??
I have an ingrown toe. Its a little red weird stuff on the right corner of my toenail. Its a bit swollen BUT my feet are really big naturally. DOES THE SHOT HURT WHEN they numb your toe? IM 14 and im ...

 I think I broke my pinky?
uhm, like it is kinda crooked, and my knuckles are ...

 What Could I have Done?
This morning I was walking through my kitchen and there must have been some water on the floor because I kind of slid and in catching myself from falling my foot kind of twisted. It hurt quite badly,...

How long do you wait with pain before returning to exercise?
I am a regular at the gym but on Saturday i tried body pump again (have not been for six months) and i have been in agony for two days!!! Obviously the class works then!

It is my thighs and bum - however it is worse if i have been sitting for any length of time but loosens off a bit when i walk about.
My question is should i wait until all pain has gone before going back to gym (i normally go every day!) or venture back gently today. Also i was thinking maybe a yoga class might help?
what do you thinkg?

2 Days, Yes Yoga will help in many ways.

yep, shows u had a good workout. you need to get straight back as the pain is ur muscles tightening up and excersise will loosen them again, just make sure you do proper stretches and cool down after your workout so u dont ache the next day

If it hurts you shouldn't do it. You (now know) you should have taken it easier.returning to working out.
For now you should as you say yourself, just keep moving gently.
Yoga is great but treat it with respect, it can be quite a tough workout too. I once went to a day course and lost an incredible 4 pounds in weight.
My mantra with exercise is Work one day, rest and repair the next. Build up gently if you've been away.
You'll be fine, but exercise to live better, not live to exercise.

misam r
hi...even im gymer....n lots of time...even i hv done break..n same thng happen to me.....actually u do not need to stop the exercise..instead of 1 hr..do exce for 30 min..with the lite weights...n take massage...it will make u feel better...Its my personal experince...
Best of luck..

Real Talk
i would go back but take it extra easy. Yoga may be a good idea.

go back but gently yes yoga would be best

Rashaun G
Hey no pain no game, but if your feeling pain, stretch for a couple of minutes. Then get back to excercising.

Using the muscles will prevent them from tightening. It's good to give the body a rest from intense workouts, but you shouldn't stop excercising all together. Light excersise like walking is good and lots of stretching.
Yoga would be a very good idea for strengthening muscles in the long run. You will use new muscles so, like body pump, you might be in pain after.

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