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 Weird question. Please answer?
What if someone was to stick a gun up another persons butt and shot the gun. Would the bullet go far? What organs would it damage? and If the person survived would they be able to dodo ever agian?

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 I smoked pot...a week later I still feel like crap!?
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 Big red bump on my leg?
i noticed in the shower (i thought it happened in the shower) while shaving my legs i had a huge red bump on me. in the center there is a cut, and it is kind of *****. (i know, gross but please help) ...

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I got a huge bruise from my shoulder bag
( it keeps hitting my leg, while i am walking from class to class! I swear that there is something pointy in there but, everytime I look there is ...

 My son had a bang on the head is he ok?
he bang hes head earlyer hes had a nap and worken up ok he hasnt been sick he said it hurts will he be ok is there anythink i sould keep an eye out for hes two yrs old and he has a little ...

 Is it broken?
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is it worth a trip to A&E can they do anything or should i just wait for it to heal by itself? thanks in ...

 I think somethings wrong with my son should i seek a second opinion?
he is seven at 10 months he had a stroke during surgery to remove a small cist from his head something to do with the anastetic. any way hes been fine no phisical theropy for 4 years and his speech ...

 Does raw meat really help a black eye?
I have personally never seen anyone apply raw meat to a black eye, mainly because I've never been around someone who got one (a black eye, that is). Do people actually do this, or is this some ...

 Cut on my toe that will not heal.?
I have a cut where my little toe connects to my foot, it will not heal (injured over a year ago). It does not bleed, but hurts and dirt and stuff gets stuck in it. Is there something I should try, or ...

 Anyone ever had a severe ankle sprain?
I was in a car accident a few months ago, and have a severe ankle sprain. Its been two months now and I am still having problems. I was wondering if anyone has had similar situation and what steps ...

KR!ST!N BR00KE.‚ô•
How long can you live after your head gets cut off?
and yeah this is a serious question

I think you would die instently why do you ask?

a few seconds.

Ron M
I have heard that EEG's have been used to monitor people as they die - and that they continue to be able to hear for as long as 12 minutes after their cardiopulmonary functions cease.

It is therefore a kindness to continue to speak soothingly to people as and after they expire.

One would expect that the acuity of mental processes begin to diminish immediately upon cessation of oxygen supply to the brain and cease entirely varying as a function of the most recent oxygen supply and the specific brain's rate of consumption.

Now -- Samurai have believed that if the body was committed to an action, it can continue that one last action after the head is severed. I would suspect that this is largely inertia... that is - if the samurai was already charging, their body might make a few automatic steps but I doubt a headless body could perform any but the most basic motions.

I heard somewhere about 1.5 seconds.

4 years duhhh...no I'm joking but that would be cool!

Annie K
probably about 7 seconds
i know a cocoroach can like 5 days without its head

It depends what you define as "living"?

Becca P
well, i heard the eyes move for a bit...

i think for only 30 sec cuz i like cut off a insects head they wiggle around for e.g snakes i have seen lots of them head cut off they still move for a long time but i think i will die in seconds

You have a question...
near seconds,

What is alive? Brain activity? You're dead, your spinal cord is severed.

I would think that at the moment your head gets cut off, you are dead, your body may have involuntary nerve responses, but your dead.
And why in the world is this a serious question?

Kentucky Dave
You've been watching one of those "Hallowe'en" movies, eh?
Did I ever tell you the story about "The Headless Conductor"?

i cant remember the exact amount of time but im pretty sure its only a few seconds before your brain shuts down

your nerves are instantly cut, if you thought about moving your hand up from your waist at the time, then strait after it was cut off, your arm, (by impulse of your brain) will move your arm up, and flop back down due to gravity, and no responses from your brain telling it what to do next, (due to head bieng not attached)

:) sam

It's been about 20 years now....

The brain can survive only for a few seconds without oxygen. It's not like holding your breath because your heart is still pumping blood to your brain. No blood flow and you die in 10-15 seconds at most.

On the really bad guys, they used to reach in and grab the head out of the basket after they were chopped off and show them their body. The head would be "screaming" and trying to form words for several seconds before blood loss took effect and the brain died.

Of course, some would be in such shock that they would just faint before the head was removed.

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