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 What to do when a toe nail falls off?
My sister's whole toe nail fell off from her big toe. What should she do to ease the pain and what else should she do before it grows back completely?...

 Oww! Darn, my arm hurts... I got a broken bone in my right one. I am using my right hand to type right now.?
I got in a fight with my BFF, and now she hates me. Please gie me a star... please! I feel terrible!...

 Need advise from a Dr Only Please?
What can I do to help some one with 6 broken ribs and brused lungs?
if this helps any its my dad that has the broken ribs and brused ...

 Parents wont take me to the hospital for my foot what will convince them?
If you have heard but I doubt it I somehow injurred my foot I dont know how but it is throbbing with pain each time I take a few steps my parents just say ice it and rest but I think it is mildly ...

 I have chronic back pain now for a month. My doctor said it is rhomboid muscle spasms. It really really hurts?
like I feel like I want to die hurts. Every pain killer they have given me doesn't work. I'm in physical therapy and got an xray which showed nothing. My arms are numb and the pain is ...

 A human bite and chest pain...need advice!?
It's sort of a long story that I wish not to talk about but I was bit by a person REALLY REALLY badly. This act was not willing on my end. It was on the back of my neck and it's been ...

 What is a "Deviated Septum" ?
And how does a person get one ? What kind of problem(s) does it
create ?
Additional Details
Yeah, I got a fist at my nose, hard. About
6 yrs, ago, and ever since then I had ...

 My daughter is 9 months, and keeps hitting her head on everything...does she need a helmet? Can her head cope?

 Testical problems?
my friend fell in the bathroom and did a split and banged his testcals on the floor,(lol) and it was the left one that is the size of a baseball and he is in pain and he has vomited, so please tell ...

 Concussion.What are the signs to look out for in a toddler who has banged their head?
The bump is in the middle of the forehead and there is a bruise. The child seems ok but is a little grumpier than usual.
This is a serious question and I would really appreciate it if you don...

 Is there anyway to help broken ribs heal quicker?
Partner broke his ribs about 3 weeks ...

 Has anyone here got carpul tunnel sydrome?
what are the tests that they do? the one with needles? i have to get tests done and im freaked its gonna hurt does it hurt?...

 Is and ACL tear bad?
im 13 andi tore the ACL in my knee during a four wheeler accident i had an MRI and i have to taker physical therapy...could this be critical??...

 Is my ankel sprained or fractured?
while i was playing basketball i landed on the outside of my foot, i can basically walk, bend my foot (with some pain) , my toes r completly fine, but there is swelling and a bit of pain. plz help ...

 Horrible painful sunburn!?!?!?!?!?
Well 2 days ago i went to a waterpark and i got a HORRIBLE sunburn! Im burned everywhere and i have huge blisters on my back ( thats where i got burnded the most). Is there anything i could do to ...

 Is it normal to feel some discomfort a day or two after getting stitches?
I just got 4 stitches in my hand after I cut myself with a piece of glass washing dishes. It happened two days ago and every now and then I still feel some discomfort, there is also a tiny bit of ...

 Did this ever happen to you.............?
My wife has been wearing soft contacts for years.....she was given a trail pair that was made by a different company... one of them became embedded in her eye.. she didn't realize it until the ...

 I sprained my ankle 5 wks ago there is still a large lump by the ankle bone and it's still pretty tender?????
I fell 5 weeks ago today and the Dr said it was torn ligaments and a sprained ankle. and sent me home with some crutchs and an air cast. It has gotten better, but it still hurts if I move it the ...

 Whats the difference between a fracture and a break,when it comes to bones?
I always thought that they similar but a fracture is more of a crack in the bone rather than a full on break....

 I had surgery and one on my incisions was about 4 inches. The stitches have ripped!!!!?
The stitches ripped about 1/2 to a full cm. I feel bad calling my doctor and a friday night. Should I call, can this get serious. The incision is on my very lower stomach about to the pelvic bone....

How do you tell the difference between....?
a pulled back muscle and a pinched nerve.

Somehow yesterday I did something bad to my back. It hurts to move. I get a very sharp pain on the lower left of my back. I cannot lay without pain or sit or stand.
Any ideas???

Please don't tell me to go to the doc. I need a new heath card, and can't get one right now :)

A heating pad will help , even icyhot. Use them both what you are having is a muscle spazasm everyone gets them once in awhile.

Daniel D
Go with cold vs. heat. Or try both. But cold pack/compress will work best. This would be true especially if there's inflammation. Try a Chiropractor, usually, you can get a free consultation.

a pulled muscle with hurt all the time any time you try to move , a pinched nerve is more intense pain that will hurt even laying still

take a warm bath, only warm water not hot water, rest as much as you can

The pain from either can be similar but pain from a pulled muscle will generally stay in your back. If it is a pinched nerve, you will have pain that radiates down your leg or arm, depending on where the pinch is. If you hurt your lower back and you do not have pain running down your leg, consider yourself blessed. I have a pinched nerve in my back (herniated disk) and it is a permanent condition.

hey,I figure youre a Canadian 2,since mj,anyhoo be careful my kidneys let me know about it in this way!Stones,and it felt at first like a lower back thing,but then after I had a j,relaxed,BOOM,kidney stones.Dont let the health people hold you back,my card expired,did it online,came in mail.No changes other than expirey date.Good luck,warm bath will help,Im gonna do the same myself.Not to mention mj,its that time, bbfn/e

i have used aloe vera juice for pain

2 spoons of epsoms salts in a cup of green tea is also good for pain ( but stay home cos it sends u to the toilet )

relax in a hot epsoms salts bath for an hour or two

Muscular pain is usually localized to one area and is described as aching dull pain.

Nerve pain generally radiates down the length of the nerve and is described as a burning, numbness or tingling pain.

Back pain in the lower back can also be coming from the kidney. A urinary tract infection can cause back pain.

If seeing a doctor is truly not an option, the take some Tylenol use heat and gentle stretching. If you start to have any fevers or difficulty urinating then you really should see a physician.

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