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i think i have broken my little toe, it really sore, swollen and i cant move it! and i think i heard it crack!

dont laugh but i stubbed it on a door frame!

is there any piont ...

 Which is worse painwise: torn cartilage or broken bone?
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in the ...

 Does this sound like a stress fracture!!! best answer 10 points!!!! wwhoot whoot?
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 A fracture that has no opening in the skin is called a/an?
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 How long does a rotator cuff injury take to heal?

 How high do you have to jump from to actually be killed?
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just wondering. ;)
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4 stories? what if i go head first?

will i be killed instantly?

[i'm not suicidal......

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 How do I know if my leg is broken or sprained? It hurts but i can walk on it.?
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 I cut the tip of my finger off by accident. and didnt use soap when washed under cold water.. Can i get staph?
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How do you tell if your finger is sprained, but you don't have the time to see a doctor?
I was recently playing football, and when I tried to catch the football, you jammed right into my finger. Now I do not mean a 'Nerf' ball. I mean a hard, pumped football. It hurts very very bad, and it happened 2 days ago. Is it sprained? Or just in temporary pain? It has swelled out a little less that twice the size of my finger, but I can't tell! I could really use some help. Thanks a lot everyone!
Additional Details
By the way, to all of you (excluding bad answers) thanks so much for all of the information!!

answer man
when it hurts

You should really go to a doctor. Something similar happened to me and I was sure it was fine but I went to the Dr. "just to check" and I had actually sprained it very badly. I had to have a cast for six weeks (he considered recommending surgery) and it took about a year to stop being sore. If it's sprained and you do nothing I imagine it won't heal right.

You have at least sprained it and possibly broken it. It will have to be xrayed to tell if it is broken. You could make your own splint and take your chances or just go to the doctor.

Okay, for all the people who are tellimg you to go to an ER, don't. It's a waste of time. You'll wait hours there, and all they'll give you is a splint. Go to a local walk-in clinic, and tell them what happened. If you need an x-ray the doctor will give you a paper, and you can go to a medical centre [ where they give blood tests ] and take an x-ray there. You'll get the results in 2-3 days, and in the meantime, you can just purchase a splint, apply ice and just flex it a bit.

But, do see a doctor. You could've ruptured a nerve, so it's best to check it out.

well the easyesy way to tell is to keep ice on it cause same happed to me and it was sprained
*but mine was broken accually so ice it for a long time*

If it's black and blue it is probably broken but you did not mention that. Pain and swelling means it's sprained. You can get a splint at a drugstore. You should keep it splinted for about a week and only take the splint off while bathing and if it's not comfortable for sleeping.

Symptoms of a sprain.

>The usual signs and symptoms include pain, swelling, bruising, instability, and loss of the ability to move and use the joint (called functional ability). However, these signs and symptoms can vary in intensity, depending on the severity of the sprain. Sometimes people feel a pop or tear when the injury happens.
Doctors closely observe an injured site and ask questions to obtain information to diagnose the severity of a sprain. In general, a grade I or mild sprain is caused by overstretching or slight tearing of the ligaments with no joint instability. A person with a mild sprain usually experiences minimal pain, swelling, and little or no loss of functional ability. Bruising is absent or slight, and the person is usually able to put weight on the affected joint.

When To See a Doctor for a Sprain

>You have severe pain and cannot put any weight on the injured joint.
>The injured area looks crooked or has lumps and bumps (other than swelling) that you do not see on the uninjured joint.
>You cannot move the injured joint.
>You cannot walk more than four steps without significant pain.
>Your limb buckles or gives way when you try to use the joint.
>You have numbness in any part of the injured area.
>You see redness or red streaks spreading out from the injury.
>You injure an area that has been injured several times before.
>You have pain, swelling, or redness over a bony part of your foot.
>You are in doubt about the seriousness of the injury or how to care for it.

Marilyn B
Your's is a common injury. Your "jammed finger" should be turning black and blue, not just swelled up. Most likely it isn't broken if you can still bend your finger within near-full range of motion--considering the limitations imposed by the swelling. Too, it would hurt pretty bad when you attempt to bend it if it were broken. But...only an x-ray can show for certain.
Each finger joint is vulnerable to sprains (partial tearing and disruption of ligaments), strains (over-stretching of the ligaments), dislocations and complete ligament tears during sports, especially when catching a ball or falling with the hand hitting the hard ground straight on.
A jammed finger is simply a finger which is injured by a sprain, strain, or dislocation of one of its joints. Furthermore, the ligaments between finger bones may tear, especially if the joint is dislocated (i.e., if bones move out of their normal relative positions). In a typical jam, a finger joint is forced together, with twisting of the joint involved as well. This compression and torquing often leads to dislocation, which can resolve itself within seconds or might persist until medical attention is received.
Interestingly enough, the joint between the middle bone of a finger and the bone closest to the hand is the one which is most frequently harmed during sporting activity. Also, the middle finger of the hand is the most likely candidate for jamming.
The following web site will tell you (in detail) what to look for and what do do about your finger. So PLEASE check it out, o.k.? And I hope that you recover soon. Take some anti-inflammatory medication like Motrin for pain.

Gianna M
Just get to a doctor. I thought I jammed my pinky finger last month. I tried to pull on it , everything to un-jam my finger. I did everything you should do for a sprain. When I went to see my Orthopedic for a pre-existing leg injury, I was informed my finger is actually broken. After 6 wks in a finger splint I feel much better. Be careful and seek medical attention.

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