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wen godzilla
How do you tell if hand is broken?
my ring finger and pinkie are deeply bruised there is a big bump above my ring finger and pinkie knuckles i cant feel my knuckles because of the bruise its kind of hard for me to type my other 3 fingers are just fine so plz help

ER, its broken

Hi Hon..
Go to the emergency room, and have them take an exray of your hand..

Take care!

mario p
Ummmm that happeneded to me with my thumb about 2 months ago and i went to the hospital and they said taht i had a bad iner brusise but if your knuckle is popped out check the doctors then ask for a check up and he'll prolly pop it back in or give you some medication id get it checked out tho just to be safe it prolly just sprainded really bad because if it was broken you'd know it trust me but if you got it playing a sport prolly sprain anything else maybe a inner brusise or a minor sprain but it will heal if you wash it under water ever day at least once i know it will sting but it works and just dont type with he fingers or move them well move them like once every 10 minutes good luck hope it gets better email if you need more help pig_pen17178@hotmail.com

it will turn purple or green and fat..go to the doctors and get it checked for pain

well, first off,, something might look out of place, you would be in constant pain and you prolly wouldnt be able to move it,

go to the doctor and get an x-ray

It hurts.

Michael M
It sounds more bruised (sprained). I'm not a Dr. so don't quote what I say... The only true way is to get that bad boy checked by a Dr. and possibly X-Ray'd... I wouldn't do any more typing or anything with those fingers until they heal. Good luck bro.

Your hand would be in severe pain- but my question to you is, what did you DO?

Nothingless, I would definately take your hand to a docter for inspection.

get it x rayed

If there is massive swelling and the flesh turns deep purple or blackish then it's definitely broken. Your hand will need to be splinted. I suggest you have your hand X-rayed to determine the extent of the damage. You can't just leave it because it might not heal properly and you'll lose the flexibility in the hand.

Super Mario
if it hurts lik CRAP!!!!

Trust me... you would know if your hand was broken.
Just apply ice and consult your doctor.

♥Shortstuff ♥
An x-ray will determine a break in a bone in your hand. Get it done, so you can be treated right away, then your hand will heal properly.

Go to the ER and get it xrayed tonight. In the meantime, elevate it and put some ice in a ziplock baggie and then wrap the baggie in a small towel (or you will have frostbite on top of a fracture) and put on the swollen part. Elevated means higher than your heart.

it hurts a lot or you cant feel it /move it. It turns purple if this happens go to doctor asap broken hand no good

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