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How do you shower with a cast on your foot and calf?

use a trash bag and duct tape. put the trash bag around your cast and duct tape it so water will not get in. I use the shower spray and stand half in the tub with my leg on a towel on the outside and just clean up the best I can with that shower spray. But its only my foot I can not get wet.

Jessie Katsopolous

cutie pie!
u could hang it out of the shower stall lol. or u could have baths until it comes off and just dangle it outside. or wrap a plastic bag around it and have quick showers

garbage bag tucked into the top of your cast, and then put duct tape around the top to prevent the water from going in...it worked for the cast on my arm

Cover it with a plastic bag and use waterproof tape around the top. You can also do a sponge bath and get someone else to wash your hair in a sink.

By covering it up with a trash bag and taping the ends together. Or you could try a sponge bath ....

you can get a special plastic cover with a tight elastic around the top to keep the water out ask your doc or a medical supply company like Maag I had one for my arm when I broke my humerus... and it wasn't funny lol
Good Luck & heal fast :o)

Jessie Katsopolous
Carefully! :)

As I recall from when my brother had a cast on his lower leg, you really shouldn't be taking a shower. His doc instructed him to wrap it well in a garbage bag and take a bath instead....and do his best to keep the part of his leg with the cast out of the water. Even if you bag it...taking a shower would still allow any water that runs down your leg to seep into the cast. I would avoid showers and stick to baths for the time you have that thing.

Even if you use the old garbage bag and duct tape, it still leaks through. You can purchase a bag from your doctor's office, which works somewhat better. What I found out, is, sit on the side of the tub, and hang your foot over the side. You find ways to get it done.

my sister just put a bag and duct tape on hers.....if you have to put a plastic or wooden chair in the shower.

jeff loves erin
put it in a garbage bag (clean) and tape the top.

use the ol garbage bag technique. Use a good bag that wont leak. Trust me if that cast gets wet it will stink

One way is to get a plastic bag that fits pretty good and put your leg and cast into it, and put one or two rubberbands around your leg, above the cast, to seal out the water. Keep the top of the cast out of the direct path of the shower, and don't bath, or submerge the top of the bag. Don't make the rubber bands so tight that they hinder circulation of blood in the limb! And don't keep them on too long! Imperfect, but it works pretty well.

Another way, later into the healing process, is to request a velcro removable cast, then take it off when you shower.

Taking a chair or stool into the shower might be a good idea with either of the above, too.

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