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 Brushed nose, how to handle pain?
i got head-butted on my face, my nose is brushed on one side and the whole area surrounding hurts , it doesnot look broken and the pain is not too extrem but i dont know what could be better to treat ...

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 HELP NEEDED PLEASE my best friend is..?
Hi and thank you for reading this-
My best friend named Johnny who is only 9 years old got hit by a car on Friday and is suffering from 2 broken ribs up by his shoulder,the shoulder is pretty ...

 My cat bit me and it's getting worse. . .?
I posted the other day about my cat that bit me. People said use ice because it fells really tight. But when I used ice it hurt even worse. And today it's a little red around the area of the ...

 What does it mean when your muscles twitch?
Lately these last couple days, I've noticed once or twice throughout the day, that there will be a little muscle twitching. First it was my thumb the other day, and just now it was a muscle on ...

 How do i make a jammed finger heal faster?

 What Is Wrong With My Foot?
I cant bend it fully forward, in the maner of pointing it up towards my head, and part of the top of my foot is a bit numb. My stride has changed, and my foot flops a little bit. Ive stumbled and ...

 My daughter bit me?
My 13 month old daughter bit me and broke the skin and now theres a nasty bruise where she bit me. Does she or I need a tetanus shot?...

 My foot is really brusied on top and I cant walk on it. I need opinions!?
its my left foot, and it started hurting during school, but I really didn't think anything of it (Monday) But it was about 5 p.m. that day and I was going to put ice on it because my foot ...

 Why do knee joints make funny crackling noises when I go up and down the stairs?

Additional Details
I've tried glucosamine supplements, taking 1000mg daily but does it need to be taken long term?...

 I Burnt My Arm?
Yestoday i was frying some chicken legs, as i was taking one out, it fell back in the oil, splashing some oil on my left arm, i have lots of small/large dots around my arm and wrist(about 25) and it ...

 Help!!i have a huge stye on my right eye and the whole eyelid is swollen including my lower eye portion.?
any home remedies?and how long does it take to go away?...

 How is that some people withstand high voltage electricity,like 400volts etc??
in newspapers and in tv we had seen "current mohan"passing high voltage current thru his body, making omlette in his palm with the current passing thru his body!!...

 I burnt my hand on some coals the night before last, and some of it became a big bump, what should I do?
I put ice and some cream on it that night, and then last night I went to the pharmacy and got some new cream but nothing changed
Additional Details
im not sure what the first cream was ...

 Does picking your nose make the nostrils wider?
i am not being nasty so please have an open mind. i think that my nostrils have gotten wider after i picked it with my pinky nail. i been doing this a lot lately. what should i do to make it the ...

 Please tell me what it is like to have ingrown toenail surgery!?
i am scared to death but i know i need to have it done, but somebody who has experienced it, tell me how much it hurts and what to prepare myself for....

 Lower back pain please give me some advise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My lower back hurts. I went skimboarding 3 days ago and after that my lower back started to hurt. My step dad told me i polled a muscle. It pain is just above my butt. My step dad told me not to do ...

 Lately I've been blacking out...?
It really bothers me.
Usually it occurs when I have been sitting down then I get up.
My eyes would make me see all black and a bit of pink and green color spots.
Then slowly my vision ...

 What is the quickest way to heal cuts?
Ok its little cuts made by a razor blade. It happened about an hour ago and i sat int he bath for the hour and i just put some E45 on. Is there a way to get them to heal quicker? Coz i really need ...

 So sorry I didnt realize, what are some techniques to heal a burn from a open flame?
to the hands and arms ...

How do you know if your foot is broken?
i knw if ur bone is sticking up or wateve but hopw else?

Your bones make a distinct "snap" when you break it... it almost instantly swells to twice it's normal size, and within 1/2 hour you get queasy and puke.

Corey J
if u think it is broke u should probably go to the dr to have him or her check it out. when you break something it doesn't always swell up and you don't always get sick. My son broke his wrist and i didn't take him to the dr until the next day because he didn't have any swelling or bruising. He broke his growth plate all the way across. so u should to have x-rays just to make sure. if u don't and it is broke you can cause more damage to your foot then it already has. even a sprain can be worse then a break.

cant walk

After you have it elevated, when you get up to put it on the floor, all the blood rushes to it and it hurts and throbs like nothing else! Will bring tears to your eyes.

you can't wiggle your toes & also u can't put any wieght on it

Ronda B
Its a wonderful invention that space aliens gave us years ago. Its called an x-ray. You can get them at any doctor's office.

when you go to the doctor and they give you an x-ray...

Localized swelling, bruising, non-moving joints, or deformities under the skin can be obvious signs of a broken foot but the only sure way to tell if you have broken a bone in your foot is to have an X-Ray and have it evaluated by your doctor.Occasionally, the break is so fine that it doesn't show up even then so the best bet for treatment is to see your doc and if it feels broken then treat it like it is.

if it hurts.. and u cant walk on it... Also if your bone is showing

1) It will be very painful
2) It won't start feeling better straight away
3) If you have an x-ray, you will be able to see the break.

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