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 Ive broken my nose can i play football?
broke my nose on weds playing football that was 5 days ago went to a&e they told me to go see my doctor 2moz tuesday after the swelling has gone down. i forgot i was meant to be training 2day. ...

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 Help me i think i broke my finger!?
today i was rding my bike and it was messed up. later on the bike stopped and i went in the air and landed on my finer. the finger next to my pinkie. i have a REALLY BIG cut in between the fingers. i ...

 My nose is COMING OFF!?
i had 7 nose jobs in my life.. i had an "eagle nose" wich was stopping my from breathing well.. well this morning i woke up and my nose was a bit tilted to the side and was verry loose......

 Wat can i take for bad blood circulation when i wake in the nights i cant move my arms or legs?

 This hurts...?
Can I clean it up good and super glue it back together? haha that may sound stupid... but it sure saves a few $1000... no ...

 I am a 16 year old girl and sometimes i wake up in the night and i cant move a finger.?
i feel paralyzed ..completely .. this goes after some time but i want to know if it is normal and does anybody have these things aswell/?...

 Ankle injury help please! not sure what is wrong?!?
i hurt my ankle 4 and 1/2 weeks ago and its still swollen. i had xrays showing no fractures or dislocations. i had an mri showing no tear. i was told it was an ankle contusion. i was given an aircast ...

 Knee hurts really really bad?
i have got the heelies and ever since i got them a week ago i fall alot and i fell goin down hill and i think i shattered it is there a way or knowing? if so what is it or not what should i do?...

 What would cause this?
i layed in the sun today and got like a inprint from the lounge chair on the side of my face its been hours and it hasn,t gone away what would cause this?...

 Why should I stop burning myself?
My boyfriend just found out about how I burn myself and said that its bad and I should stop. I don't see why since I am not leaving any scars or nothing. I don't only do it when I am ...

 Doctor slapped my child while at appt WHAT ACTION OPTIONS?
I am in TX. I took my two boys to the Opthamologist for annual exam. My oldest is 7yrs and was a bit aprenhisive as he had many medical procudures done on him last year...he did not like getting the ...

 Do nose piercing hurt??? plz help?
okay, so i really want my nose pierced and have been thinking about it for a long time...
i have the top of my ear pierced that cartilage up there
and i have two piercing on the lower part ...

 Tail bone hurts VERY badly!!?
*this pain is killing me*
Its been hurting for 5 days now. errrr It feels worst then a sprained ankle(to anybody who's ever had one before)
When i sit,stand,lay down, even sometimes ...

 Best thing to put on a new burn to prevent scarring?
I have just burnt myself and would like some info on what to put on the burn to help prevent it scarring. I have heard that keeping the burn moist helps. Right after i had done it, i did put it in ...

 Have you ever injured yourself in bed....and how?
I`ve pulled a few hammies in my time


 Help . my Daughter twisted or sprained her ankle about 2 hours ago she has to be in a wedding later today?
my oldest Daughter is supposed to be in her younger sisters wedding later today she sprained her ankle about 2 hours ago . what is the best thing to do for her so she can still be in the wedding ?...

 I had my appendix out 5 weeks ago (by lapascory surgery) this thurs?
Im getting the stitches taken out of my belly button and the bottom left scar does it hurt when getting them taken out?...

 I stubbed my toe real hard. It's bleeding somewhat under the toenail. Dark red color. Will I lose the toenail?
The toe still hurts alot after a few hours. I remember one time I got two fingers caught in the garage door and I ended up losing those fingernails about a week later. When the toenail bleeds ...

 Sprained neck---Hot or cold pack?
I think I sprained my neck muscles last night when I fainted and hit my head. The faint had to do with too powerful of meds the doc gave me for the flu. Tonight My neck muscles are very sore and it ...

How do you know if you broke your toe?

John M
See if you can move it and how you can.I mean if you can bend it well.


Blow at High Doe
Get an x-ray, but there is nothing they can do even if it is broke (you can't cast it).
If it hurts tape it to the toe next to it, that is all a doctor will do anyway.


Mischele, RN‚ô•
It's usually swollen, bruised, can be a little deformed looking. You could always go have an x-ray of the foot. But for broken toes, they can't really do anything about it other than tape it to the toe next to it to stabilize it. Ice it up for the first 24 hours and then use heat for 20 minutes several times a day.

Its hard to know unless you see the doctors, is it swollen or hard to bend, is there a bruise? these are all questions to ask yourself, although if you did break it the doctors wont really do anything about it, the best thing to do if it is swollen and painful is just to wrap it in ice and maybe buddy system in with the toe next to it with bandage tape and if the pain is to much and it is not healing you can always call the doctors and ask them what to do and see if they want you to come in, but it should heal fine with ice and rest

Gregory F
Has part of your toe turned purple yet? You can buddy tape it to an adjacent toe for support but don't be surprised if it hurts for a week.

it hurts alot....i have done this twice..one a break and the other a small fracture..either way all you need to do is tape it tight to the toe next to it and try to keep weight off of it if you can...give it a couple of weeks and you'll be back on your feet

...also if it is swollen and bruised...

Remedy is R...I....C....E
compression (Ace bandage?)
and elevation above the level of the heart
... all of the above for the next two days or so....

Toes can't be casted or anything. It's probably not even worth a trip to the doctor. At best, they will recommend the remedy above and ibuprofen.

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