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 I need a broken leg plz help?
don't even waste ur time telling me I'm crazy and crap!
if u do i will come after u!
just tell me how i can break an ankle or knee?
and get crutches!
i need this help!<...

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 I am in desperate need of breaking an ankle. its just because i want the crutches!! ?
NO ANSWERS TELLING ME I SHOULDNT CUZ I AM......realistic answers plzz thx

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My mum thinks i ...

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i knw if ur bone is sticking up or wateve but hopw else?...

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i hurt it a while back when i tried to pick up something and my wrist just ...

 Whats the worst injury you've ever had?
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 My foot is sore, is it broken?
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Additional Details
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la bamba
How do you know if you broke your toe?
Yesterday when i was getting up from the computer chair I hit my big toe on the monitor

and it hurt like heck. but it went away.
then when I walked it started hurting. and If i like bend it it hurts like heck again.

Is it broken?

Usually the toe goes numb immediately after the "hit", then a few minutes later it HURTS bad, throbbing pain, and the bruise starts entering the picture, and you can not bend it.
After that, it just hurts and the color is dark blue/purple.
Then murphy's law kicks in and you will bump your broken toe on everything around. lol

I have broken my little toe by stubbing it on the kitchen table leg then 3 months later broke my other little toe by stubbing it on my husbands tennis show (size 13). Both times I KNEW it was broken = instant swelling, pain with movement, dis-coloration. A doctors visit with x-ray will result with a "buddy" taping of the toes. (Something YOU can do at home with out the aid of a medical person) In my case I have a blood problem resulting with mega bleeding = bruising. The past 7 years I have broken: toes-2 times, fingers-4 times.(No, I'm not a klutz) I now get an anti-inflammatory injection which greatly helps reduce the swelling/ pain level when something fractures.

Chances are it is not broken. It is probably very badly bruised. If it was broken it would be VERY swollen and you would have bruising all over your toe, the top of your foot and under your foot near that toe. It is harder to break a toe than you think. Someone dropped a steel chair on my big toe and thankfully it wasn't broken, but it hurt for a couple of weeks!

Read My Lips
You dont really, and if u have theres nothing anybody can do about it.

You break your toe like i think it was an average of 6/7 times a year without knowing!

its broken if it continually hurts, you may want to check it out just in case

I have a broken to now and the only way to tell is to have an xray of the toe. There is really not much that the doctors do for broken toes except in some cases they will tape the toe.

uhm no. lol u wouldent b able to walk
i broke my big toe by jumping in sand n it bent back all the way.
lmao i got my toe stuck in the printer b4 but it dident break, it hurt like h*ll but it dident break. lol

Geri D
i dont think so. but just try to keep off it. AND stop bending it

Sweet Pea
You could not bend or move around your big toe if it was broken. It may just need time to heal. If it does not get any better soon go to your doctor.

I've actually had my toe broken before by having it kicked. In most cases a break will cause swelling and discoloration beyond that of a normal bruise because while a bruise is only discolored where it hurts a break will make the whole toe discolored in many cases because of fluid build up. Also compare it to the same toe on your other foot. Is it crooked or bent in a different way? The best way to decide of you need to go to the doctor is wait about a week. Keep some ice on your toe and try to keep it elevated as much as possible and avoid walking on it. If after a week or so it's still swollen and painful I would recommend getting an X-ray

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