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How do you know if you broke your ankle w/out an x-ray?
twisted my ankle really bad and it's swollen. it's hard to walk on it but does bend. i dont want to go to the doctor so is there any way to have an idea if its broken or needs a cast?

well if you can't walk i would think you broke it, or if it hurts when you walk, and i mean hurts alot, i would think you did.

if it is swollen u might need to go to the doctor just to be safe

When I broke my ankle I thought it was just a bad sprain, got x-rayed and they found nothing. The pain got steadily worse so they sent me for an MRI. My achilles tendon had sheared the bone away from my heel where it connected and I had a fracture through my talus, the bone the shin bone sits and pivots on. The "Good" news was that it had knitted fine on its own and there was nothing they could have done to help anyway.
If it is a sprain it should be able to bear weight after a day or so and you should not try to stay off of it. The tendons and ligaments need to be worked to get heal properly. If it is broken then you shouldn't be able to bear weight on it for several weeks. Best bet is an x-ray and a doc’s opinion.

Is a bone sticking out? If it is go to the doctor. If there is no compound fracture it could still be broken. Don't worry you might heal properly or just have a slight limp the rest of your life or maybe a pronounced limp. But hey...why go to a doctor if you don't want to.

I want my ¡OLD! mtv
If you've had a twisted ankle or broken bone before compare the pain you're experiencing now to the pain you experienced then. Like I was hit by a javelin (on the bounce off the ground) and I thought it was broken or had hit a nerve because I couldn't walk on it for 2 days but the initial pain wasn't bad. But when I broke my wrist in a compression fracture rollerblading it felt really bad like my hand was just hanging off my body for no real reason at all.

You can't always tell. I broke my wrist but could still bend it, so that's not always a good indicator. An x-ray is the only way to tell if you've fractured a bone or not. You need to wrap it and stay off of it (use crutches) wither way so you don't aggrevate the injury.

You won't know for sure without an x-ray. It could be just sprained, but you should have a cast for that, as well. Don't be a cheapskate. It's the only body you've got. Go to the doctor.

One more answer you've already heard: go to the doctor or Urgent Care or Emergency Room for an X-Ray and a checkup. Why waste precious time waiting for answers to get posted and having your ankle set itself the wrong way when you could be getting real help. Now go!!

Go get the x-ray. You can actually cause more damage if you leave a broken bone untreated.

Right... now I'm going to say something harsh, but with your better good in mind.

Yes, there are ways of a PROFESSIONAL ruling out a bone IN PERSON without x-raying you. But if you can't definitely rule one out, you have to X-ray to make sure.

I am a British doctor with A&E experience and a musculoskeletal science degree. I'm not exactly a world expert, but I'm almost definitely the best you'll get on Yahoo Answers. If I can't help you over the internet, no one can.

And I can't.

There is no possible way I can convey my years of training, hard work and hours looking after all sorts of people in a way that a complete amateur with no training can look at my post on the internet and safely assess their injury.

It may be that you have a bad sprain- they can take months to recover- but just because you can walk on it and bend your ankle doesn't mean it's not broken.



There's a reason they're called "experts"- because they know what they're doing and 99.99% of people on here don't.

If your doctor can confidently rule out a fracture without an x-ray, they will.

In the meantime before you see them:
(1) Rest your ankle up on a high stool.
(2) Take regular painkillers as advised on the label.
(3) Put ice on it
(4) Some people will tell you to put on a compression
bandage but the evidence for this is poor.
(5) Hope you haven't permanently damaged a broken ankle by
not getting it sorted for so long.

Now stop being an idiot and get it seen to.

u could tell its broken if u cannot move your ankle, if its swollen and painful. but you gotta see a doctor and have them x-ray your ankle cuz thats when they can only rule out if its really broken or juz a sprain. and thats the only time they can do whatever they need to do lets say u need a cast.better be safe than sorry.

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