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How do you know if you've pulled a muscle?
my calf is hurting so much and has been since this drill in rugby the other day, and ive stretched it and massaged it. i'm not sure if its pulled or something.

if its pulled it will hurt really bad for days. it also could just be sore and cramped up. try potassium. it helps really good for leg cramps. so does walking on it and stretching it out.

probably a bit strained. Keep it rested and iced/heated. It usually feels really tight and achy if you touch it.

Yep, sounds like you pulled it. Try to rest and stretch it gently as much as you can, and if the pain is obnoxious, taking an anti-inflammatory (like ibuprofen/Motrin or aspirin) should help. You can also try ice packs or heat, too. But mostly what will make it feel better is rest and time. Make sure you do a little stretching before practice next time!

check out this site, it has the info your looking for


Your probably have what is called a trigger point.. which is in other words most people know a knot. The calf muscles are one of the most common for it because we use it so much. It is hard to get it out by yourself and especially when you don't know what you are doing but what you can do is massage it and run your thumb over the muscles slowly until you feel maybe a bump or something in your skin. Kind of like a bubble. Then slowly press down. It will hurt really bad but what you want to do is breath through your nose and out your mouth slowly and repeatedly. That will take it out some. But if you don't feel comfortable doing that. Have a massage do it that specialzies in trigger point therapy. ok good luck.. if you have any other questions about it you can email me...

Angela B
yea, probably. But pulled mus r common and only need pampering 2 fix.....BUT b careful...because Any pain should b looked at by a doc.

i think u pulled it

sounds like you did. but don't worry, it will go away in less than a week. a pulled muscle heals fast and makes it stronger than before!!! at least that's what the gym teacher says...

Probably a pulled muscle. Did you feel it when it happened? Was it real sudden? If you tore it, you may see a bruise - maybe just a tiny bruise if the tear is deep and minor. Be real careful with it, ice it, massage it if that makes it feel better. Whatever you do, baby it & think carefully before doing what you were doing when the injury occurred. Give it time to heal before you go back to that activity.

I was doing lunges & got sloppy & tore a muscle deep in my inner thigh. The pain felt like something had snapped - like when a rubber band is stretched far enough to break. Wow! Then a day or two later, the tiniest bruise came up. I just didn't do lunges til it healed & learned never to be sloppy with workingout - but I continued to do most of the rest of my work out with no problem.

Hope your calf feels better soon!

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