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 My middle finger goes numb sometimes what cause this and any cures please?

 My cat bit me. And it hurts. Should I worry about this?
My cat bit me in my hand when we were trying to get him in a carrer. It's a pretty deep bite. It's right along the bone that goes to your inxex finger. There's one that slipped off the ...

 Overall, can a bulging disk in the spine heal itself or will surgery be needed?
When I sit down, it takes forever to get back up. I don't have medical insurance for surgery. Can I get by on Advil,etc.? Help!...

 If you took about 3 hits of weed 2 fridays ago today is 3 will it still be in your system?

 Should paramedics allow and elderly man with severe chest pains walk down a flight of stairs?

 Does getting stitches hurt?
I had a cyst removed on the back of my knee and they used dermabond to close it. That fell off and the Dr said to wait and get gauze on it and let it close naturally. It's still not closing ...

 Im Really Scared and i need help?
Okay, last night at soccer, we were doing a drill. you had to lay down, then quickly stand up, turn and run. the last time, when i turned to run, i felt a SHARP pain in my knee. the very front, my ...

well i have my own reason for wanting to do this but that is not ur concern no comments like a hammer jumping off the roof or getting it run over. 10 points best ...

 I got bitten by a wild field mouse this morning,that my cat had brought me.the drs cant fit me in till friday?
i have to have a tetanus jab,as it broke the skin. my cat is always bringing me mice,but this one was still alive so i carefully picked it up to stop her killing it. the ungrateful little sod bit me,...

 My calves are killing me! What should I do?

 I got punched in the face and my eye swelled up bad that I can't see. What can I do to unswell it quickly?
I need to heal down the swelling quickly Cause I have to be driving next week and my job will probably put me on hold if I can't see through it..any suggestions please.....

 (Almost) faking an injury to stay home?
Well, I noticed earlier today that my knee was hurting, and it was like a dull, achy, annoying pain. I really don't want to go to school tomorrow, and I thought I could take it a step further ...

 I've had one heck of a time with sunburn... will it turn into a tan?
Argh what an awful two days I've had! I got burned on a really hot day on Sunday... I've practically been bathing in aftersun and applying solarcaine whenever I can. The burn is starting ...

 Do i need to go to the hospital?? Please help?
I hit my head a couple hours ago. Theres a really big lump on the right side. Now i have a slight head ache on the right, and blurred vision -more on the left. Im not sure if this is serious but ive ...

 When you yawn do you put your hands behind your head?

 Do you think going barefoot helps you feel better?

 What is the worst thing that could go wrong during an exam?
I think getting diarhoea during the exam is...
Your thoughts?...

 What the hell just happened to me?
I havn't been sleeping much for about the past week, especially the past 3 nights I've gotten just a few hours of sleep. This morning I woke up and rolled over and went back to sleep. I was ...

 How long does it generally take for a broken rib to heal?

 How can i tell if my toe is broken?
about 10 min ago i was going to take my contacts out, but when i went to hop over a pile of stuff on my floor, my big toe hit an etch a sketch, but i thought it was just another injury. but i couldnt ...

sanji 7
How do you cut your wrist?
what part of your arm/wrist do u cut and what do u use and how long should it be?

Dunno, never tried. Type it in google.

YOU. ARE. A. EFFIN. LOSER. but remember kid. Its not across the street. Its down the road. Oh what the heck you deserve to die! CUT THE LIL BLUE VEIN DUH.

just remember... go down the road, not across the street...

~in loving memory of Tanner~
kid u have issues. y would u want to. there r arteries in ur arms and if u cut one u will die. trust me one of my friends parents did it and died dont do it.

cheryl m
ask your shrink--he/she will tell you

lol what coincidence as i jus finished cutting my own wrists, again.......

if u jus wanna scar yourself out of depression then go ahead by all means as there is some kind of satisfaction.

if you wanna kill yourself then i'd go by another method cos this way is harder than it looks and quite painfull to cut deep down enough to get the main veins and arteries.

believe me, i know.

ok...sweetie... NO CUTTIN UR WRISTS!!! y would u even wanna noe. its not the answer. god put u on this earth to do sumthin great!! u could even be the one to invent a hover car. if its over a girl then it aint worth it. u just have to find that special person. plz DO NOT CUT UR WRIST!!! u could die. and wut if it doesnt work? then wut u gonna do? go to the doctor and say, "hey dude i just cut my wrist help!!!" u would look like an idiot. go to a therapist!!! heck, GO TO CHURCH!!! do w/e u have to to get off the cutting ur wrist thing. plz!!!

Joe Jonas
Uh the two answers above me, are you trying to help this guy kill himself or what??!! To the guy who asked, you need to go see a psychiatrist immediately. Life is very valuable, why do you want to lose it? Cutting your wrist can kill you if thats not your intention. Get help!!

Steven C
call the police and have them help you

Amanda W
You shouldn't cut your wrist. There can be serious problems if you do.

If you are not only asking this to yourself-but the internet too, go get HELP. now...

If you cut your wrist the right way and you die then its good, but if you cut the wrong way and don't end up dying but end up being half dead or half alive then you are in deep **** boy!!! One of my friends tried killing herself in high school because she did not do well in her exam, but she did not manage to die, now her life is so good. She is just so thankful to God that she is still alive, but she will never forget how it was to be half way through to hell. So the situation maybe bad now, but let it lapse, and everything will be fine with time.

umm you dont

why do you want to know? you really shouldn't do that.it could be harmful to your health

I hope your not serious! Please call a crisis center near you if you are. I hope you get help. nothings worth it!

Dude, It's not worth it. You only get one chance in life and now you are giving it up already! If you're that depressed about life, Seek a therapist, NOW.

Some people are just too emo about their lives; when someone breaks up, they take it too seriously. Don't end your life just because something bad happens. There are going to be some twists and turns in life. If that happens, MOVE ON.

Nobody's life is perfect. Bill Gates was once forced to pay for charity. you're just going to have to live with the shortcomings and make the best of things. If all else fails, seek help.

Don't do it, dude. It's not even worth it.

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