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How do i know if my hand is broken?
it hurts, i cant move it very well, its very swollen but i didnt hear a crack when it happened
Additional Details
im at school and i hurt it last night


you won't be able to wiggle your fingers

go to the docter, but you can also tell by looking at your bone in your hand. If it looks funny its broke.

if it's broken, you won't be able to move it at all. maybe it's a fracture, going to the doctor is the best. =]

jocey g
go to your doctor or the emergnancy room, the longer you wait the harder it can be to set the bone and have it like normal if it is broken. Its pretty wierd that you think its broken and yet you are typing to find out if it is or not. if it were broke youd be in a lot of pain. come on if your hurt what are you doing looking at this go to the doctor, then next to to the head doctor

if it hurts

Brandy B
See a doctor for an x-ray.

Or find someone with some x-ray glasses and ask them to look for you. :)

In the meantime, take some tylenol for the pain and ice it for the swelling.

The only way you'll really know is to get an X-Ray

Usually it will turn black and blue , be really swollen and you would be in some serious pain.. you wont be able to move it at all.. Good luck , get to the dr. what a time of year to have to have a cast.. Sorry.

go to the ER

scott t
Go to the doctor

No idea, see a doctor, also I have heard that you can't move it if it is broken

Link , Padawan of Yoda
I would simply reccomend you go to the doctors.

I have broken bones in my left hand at least 3 times, I never once heard a defining crack. Someone said earlier you wont be able to move it, that entirely depends on the individual break and your muscle structure. A break in your hand will normally swell, but wont come out in bruising for a couple of days.

Not hearing it snap doesn't mean anything. You really need to get it x-rayed to know for sure. Put an ice-pack on it to get the swelling down, then go in to a local doc-in-a-box (Prima Care, or Care Now, etc)

You need to get some ice on it and go to the doctors. If you can still move your fingers that's a good sign, however it could still be broken, it would be a clean break. A break but the bones are still in place. You wouldn't need to hear a crack either. You need to go to the doctors.

put ice on it for the swelling, it may hurt like heck and not be anything but a sprain. it should be wrapped and to be sure go have a ex-ray to make sure you didnt break it....

Does the word x ray ring a bell?

god knows and sees else Yahoo
Check each part of the hand, one by one, wrist, fingers-center of the hand. Use Ice, got to a doctor.

Atila a
show X-Ray document Film

♥Stang Girl♥
go to the doctors so they can x-ray it:) good luck.

cause u cant move it or just go to the docters

go take an x-ray

You absolutely need to go to the doctor when something like that happens. If it is broken and you don't go, you can cripple your hand. I have sprained my ankle twice... one of which was really bad. It was worse than a break. I had to do physical therapy for 2 months to get it back into shape and was in crutches for over a month. If you have a general practitioner, call that person. :) Good luck! Hope your hand is ok. I wouldn't wait any longer... go asap!


its probably broken. go to the doctor and get an x-ray.

Sounds like it may be broken go to A and E and get it checked out be sensible!

Ice it and go see a doctor.

Cheryl W
Go to the doctor.

Patti S
You'll know if you can't stand for anyone to touch it. And it swells up. Pain constantly going through your hand.

Sounds like you need to at least get some ice on it immediately to reduce the swelling.
You don't need to "hear a crack" to indicate it's broken.
Breaks can be a hairline fracture or a compression fracture.
I'm sure you will hear this over and over in the responses...
Go and get it X-rayed- then you will know
Your talking about your hand...kinda essential for daily life

beside if it is broken do you want to have it get infected, become deformed and then have to type with a stump!!!

stick man
Oh, Go to the Doctor. I fell on my hand once and swore it was broken, the x-ray showed no break. The Dr conceded it could be a hairline fracture. It hurt like hell for days. Put some ice on it at least. Good Luck.

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