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 What's the fastest way to get rid of a buise?
i slipped on the ice, fell on my hip and now have an ugly bruise! i had to call 911 for the O2 from laughing so hard!! =D...

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 Advice greatly needed?
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 If someone is shot with an arrow, should you try to remove the arrow before taking them to a doctor or?
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 Will it heal?
2 years ago i was carrying a porcelein bowl up a set of concrete steps when i fell and cut my ring finger.
I had 4 (i think) stitches and it healed into a neat scar.
However, since it ...

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 Hit in car accident a month ago.Now have back pain, headaches, muscles stiff and flinching.Do i need a doctor?

Xray showed normal but could the bones have become misaligned over a months time?

now also have arthiritis symptoms.

will all this heal over time?

can a doctor ...

 I fell down my steps this morning and now there's something white poking through my skin...is it a bone?

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 My lump on head?
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 Is my little toe broken?
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 Head injury?
Back in june i fell down a flight of staires head first...i didnt think anything off my head being hurt because i had seperated my shoulder and thats alll i could think about. but once that healed i ...

 Help me plz?
hi im 14 and for the last 3 months ive been having aches ( pains ) in the back of my neck ( spinal bit ).
whenever i move my ear down to my shoulder my neck clicks and i know for a fact its not ...

 Pain starting in leg 3 weeks after a bad bruise?
Fell and hit shin bone in 2 places. Normal pain at the time and a few day after but after 3 weeks I started having pain that feels like a bad bruise on the whole length of the front and bottom half ...

 If you tear or strain your MCL or ACL in your knee, is it normal to be pain free, but have an unstable knee?
i recently had a fall and i am scheduled for an mri on my knee, the doc thinks its a torn acl but it doesn't hurt, its just unstable.
Additional Details
i had pain for the first 2 ...

Anh K√ća
How do i get rid of cubital tunnel syndrome?
Its on my left hand on my pinky only

I can move my pinky like normal

it can feel stuff but still has that little numb feeling in it

What can i do to treat this w/o going to the doctors or having surgery because im freakin scared to get surgery.

What can i do to treat it and what can i do to prevent it?

does this mean i cant workout or do normal stuff anymore?

Please give me some good information

no silly answers, u wanna fcuk around go do it in the entertainment section.
Additional Details
no it aint carpal w/e syndrome

its cubital try googling it

probably stop playing video games

Spunkitty B
I think you mean carpial tunnel syndrome and it doesn't usuall affect the pinkies.


I think you mean carpal tunnel syndrome, right?

The stress of wrist usage often allows one or more of the little bones of the wrist to become a bit out of place... most cases of carpal tunnel syndrome respond to the correction of that displacement.. about the only professional who would consider this method would be your local chiropractor. A very simple and rapid procedure.. non painful and rather pleasing sensation when completed.

The only thing I can think of is try not to use it very much. I worked in a poultry processing plant for awhile and the circulation in my hands started to get bad. I changed jobs and after a few years they got okay.

Sorry, I thought you meant carpal.

If you mean Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (?) It is rare that you would need surgery. The doctor just gave me some hand braces to wear at night while I sleep .. keeps your fingers and thumb in one place and gives your wrists a change to rest. Don't worry about surgery. It is not that common. Good luck ! :)

Mad Roy
Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) helps carpal tunnel syndrome. See Dr Whitaker's Guide to Natural Healing (available from Alibris.com) for advice on that condition. What applie to carpal may well work for cubital.
Also read The Aspirin Alternative for other interesting ideas on the natural treatment of painful conditions. Curcumin and Bromalein caps or tablets may give some relief. Monavie juice often helps people with painful inflammatory conditions.

‚ô•Cheshire Cat‚ô•
The early symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome usually respond to stopping the activity that is causing the symptoms. The amount of time you perform tasks that require repeated bending and straightening of the elbow should be reduced. Take frequent breaks from work- at least five minutes every half an hour. If the symptoms are worse at night because you sleep with your elbow bent, a thin pillow may be wrapped around the elbow to splint the elbow in a straight position.

If the symptoms fail to respond to activity modifications and an elbow splint, surgery may be required to stop progression of damage to the ulnar nerve. The operation moves the ulnar nerve from behind the medial epicondyle to the front of the medial epicondyle. This gives the nerve some slack and removes the stretching of the nerve.

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