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How do I know if my wrist is broken or just sprained?
I went bike riding this morning and I took a dive. LOL. Anyway, I tried to stop the fall by sticking my arm, silly me. Anyways, all my weight fell on it and my wrist hurts like hell. My mom said that its probably just sprained because I would be able to feel the broken bone, if it was broke. Is that true?
Additional Details
The pain got really bad,so I went to ER and I broke it. This is going to be hell on earth.

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x-ray only way to know

Stacie S msbearr
It could be sprung then again it could be broken. My daughter broke her wrist and she could still move it but it hurt like heck. A sprain will hurt on a scale form 1 to 10 made an 8, but a break would hurt like a 10 plus,' And turn purple so I've been told.

since you still can type " LOL" then it's just sprained.
but even though you should let a doctor check it, you might have injured the tendons or you’ve fractioned the bone.
And that’s why you are feeling like hell.
Tendons injuries are a very serious, and the pain lasts for as long as you live if you don’t cure it. Not like when a bone is fractioned or broken

dear young lady, your mom is probably right about your wrist and if were broken there will be excruciated pain and plus bone protruding, my opinion you have a sprained wrist.

LOL! I just broke my wrist and got surgery but my cast just came off. I would still take a trip to the emergency room just to be sure. I didn't think mine was broken and then found out that I had broken it and dis-located the bone! Scary! Even if it is sprained it doesn't hurt to go in anyways.

You wouldn't be able to feel the broken bone trust me. Just have it checked.

If it was broken, you likely wouldn't be able to move it and it would swell A LOT and their will be a dark discoloration of the skin. If it was just a sprain you would most likely be able to move it with a bit of a swell - possibly some discoloration of skin. Difficult part is distinguising a sprain from a hairline fracture. If it hurts a lot, have it x-rayed just in case.

Mya W
Go get it checked out. And dont wait to long because the longer you wait the worse it will get.

** *
One quick way is to just simply ask yourself: does it hurt like extreme HELL? then it's broken. If it's hurting but you can move it and feel it, then it's sprained.

Coke Nicola
Well I don't know if that's true......but I think you should go to your doctor and and get an x-ray, just to be safe.

the only to tell for sure if a bone is broken or not is to get an xray. i recently broke my finger, and thought it was a sprain because i still had fill range of motion. if it was a really bad break you might be able to feel the bone, otherwise you probably couldnt. i would get an xray just to be safe.

If you can move it at all it's probably not broken. Sorry about your wrist!

Please go get it xrayed to be sure that u don't have a hairline fracture. When I sprained my ankle (over 20 years ago now) the doctor told me to stay off it. I was an idiot and walked on it. Now, when I'm tired or sick or there is a dramatic change in the weather, I still feel pain in the area that was sprained. Even sometimes when I think about it, like now, it hurts. I did have it xrayed and there was ligament damage. If it's not treated, ligament damage never heals properly. Please have it checked out just to be sure. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Swelling and discoloration are by no means reliable indicators of a broken or fractured bone. Gross deformities can sometimes be a good indication. Bone ends sticking out of the skin, known as an "open fracture" goes without saying. The only reliable method is to either have an Xray, CAT Scan, MRI or bone scan. Normally an Xray with lateral, oblique, anterior and posterior views will suffice. If not, then CAT Scans, MRI's or Bone Scans are even more reliable. That's just my opinion. Rad Tech. ( ^ _ ^ )


You said that you fell on your out stretched hand? People who take a fall like you're describing can have what is known as a "scaphoid" or "snuff box" fracture. If you make the thumbs up sign, the scaphoid or snuff box is the dimple or depression on your wrist. You can readily see it. You can put your finger there. This type of injury is particuarly dangerous because blood flow is not as abundent in this area. Hence you could do yourself some real damage. Also you have eight wrist bones. You also have your radius located on your thumb side (scaphoid bone is located on this side as well.) And you have your ulnar bone located by your small digit or "pinky." Here's a treatment plan for you just in case you don't want to go to the E.R. RICE (N) Rest. Ice. Compression (ace wrap) Elevate and Non Steroidal anti-infammatory drugs. Naprosyn or mortin. Good luck chicka!
( ^ _ ^ )

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