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How can you tell if your skull is fractured without receiving medical advise?
i was drunk last weekend and feel straight back and wacked my head off the ground, i never thought anything of it until last night i told one of my friends its still sore. She told me that last year she was at this paramedic talk and they said its really easy to fracture your skull and not know its fractured, and im starting to think that since my skull is particularily sore in one ares in the back of my head, that i may have fractured my skull???I do not wish to get an xray or seek medical advice so does anyone know, how to tell if your skull is fractured?? or does anyone know what might be wrong with me??

OK, well if you have any sever head pain, you NEED to go to the hospital. You mif=ght have a concussion, broken skull, or something worse. You NEVER want to damage your brain, and the only way of treating a head injury requires professional medical attention. GO TO THE HOSPITAL!!!!!!

Well, to start with it. It takes tremendous force to fracture your skull. I don't know what your friend was talking about. The reason the skull is so hard to fracture, is it's very tough, and has to be, to protect the brain.
I don't believe it's possible to fracture your skull & not have a very very bad concusion. If there's enough force to crack the skull, the brain would have to take a hard hit too.
In a depressed skull fracture, you can actually feel the dents in your head.

Well short of Cerebral Spinal Fluid leaking out of your head, or an orifice in your head, or pieces of your brain keep falling out of your head, it is nearly impossible to tell without imaging studies, x-ray, cat scan... Bruising behind the ears ( Battles sign's ) or bruising around the eyes ( Racoon's eyes ) are bad signs, but again not definitive diagnosis

With something that can be very serious, why would you not want professional medical advise, doing it now might just save you many problems later in life.

Even if you get x-rays to find out if it's fractured, what can you do about it. It probably can heal up on it's own.

A fractured skull is sure to result in a concussion. If you didn't experience nausia, vomiting, vision problems and headaches so bad that you couldn't look sideways, then you should be fine. Worst case scenario, if there is a slight fracture, it will heal on it's own.

Well you need to realize that when you hit something really hard it bruises...but your bones are super strong so it takes alot to break one...

Wait about another week and if it doest stop hurting a little you need to go to the doctor...

You could have caused more serious damage...

I fractured my skull in a car wreck once, and once I got to the emergency room, all they were interested in was my knee, because it was bleeding. They x-rayed it and cleaned it and bandaged it, and ignored me every time I told them I had hit my head.

The next morning I woke up with what they call "raccoon eyes." Purple all around my eyes. Major sign of a skull fracture. And swelling on my forehead where the fracture was.

Another sign of a skull fracture is what they call "Battle's sign," which is a bruised appearance on the skin behind the ear. The link is to a photo of Battle's sign.

You could have a skull fracture and have neither of these, because each is indicative of a fracture in a certain area.

Other signs of skull fracture (which I assume you didn't have since you didn't mention them) are blood and/or clear fluid (cerebrospinal fluid) coming from the ears or nose.

If you have had none of the signs of concussion (drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, headache, mental clouding, loss of consciousness), then you are fortunate, because hitting your head that way would usually would cause a concussion.

It is reasonable to have a sore spot from a bruise you got less than a week ago, so the fact that it is sore does not mean there is a fracture.

If you have had no signs of a concussion and nothing more than pain when you touch the spot, there is no need to see a doctor. If you did, they would probably take an x-ray and do nothing else. They don't treat them unless there is a piece of bone loose or if there is a piece of bone in the brain.

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