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 Can blackouts be caused by head injuries such as a concussion?
About a month ago, I fell about 5 feet and landed pretty hard on the left side of my head/face. Lately, I've been having some sort of black out because I won't be able to remember anything ...

 When someone cuts there rist, Its cutting the vain that kills them right?

 What's the usual response time of an ambulance after reporting a replica gunshot wound?

Additional Details
and why did they hang up on me?...

 I have just had a opertation and signed off work for 4 weeks, can my employer ask me to ring in every week?
I thought if you had a sick note fromyour GP and your employer was aware of how long you are off for, then they wouldnt expect you to ring in every week for updates.
can anyone help on this ...

 I just began running on a treadmill every day and my ankle started hurting ..?
it's a little swollen. is it because i haven't run in a really long time ? when can i start running again ?...

 Reduce swelling?
My bestfriend was hit in the back of the head by something a girl was holding when she punched her. Anyways, it happened friday night and the lump has still not gone down very much. I was wondering ...

 How to break my foot?

 I was cutting wood with an electric saw and cut my arm off i sewed it back myself, but still bloody is it norm

 How can it be explained when a person finds scratches in his/her body but never noticed it happening?
Sometims I find scratches on myself and they're pretty noticeable. However I have no idea how I got them because there was never any pain. Like for example I have a scratch on my ankle but have ...

 Help my toe scares me!?
ok so i was playing soccer with some friends and my toe got rammed really hard a few times against other people and even stepped on...anyway the toe nail was blue for a month or so and now it seems ...

 Would it happen?
I have a trampoline i jump on it and everything.But my communion is in two weeks!!And my back hurts when i jump so would my back hurt on my communion i need the answer soon!!!Bye....

 Long leg cast question?
I am going to the dr. so dont bug me but I might have broken my leg (cant walk, cant touch or move without crying) and anyways I might have to get a long leg cast. But I have a question....How do you ...

 How do i tell if my finger is jammed?
i was lying in bed and i swung my hand over my bed an my figer smooshed into my window. OW! so is it broken or jammed? how can i tell???...

 Can taking 10 panadol do anything to your body?
A mate of mine has taken 17 but he took 7 last night and yet he told me he took 10 tonight im worried about my mate has he done anything to his body, he hasnt told anyone but me, but i cant just not ...

 My dad is depressesd after recently having his back cut open. how can i stop him from being drepressed?
the wieght he was lifting with his work crushed his back and now he can barely do a thing......i am 16 and my dad yells at me alot but i understand that hes depressed but how can i tell him that i ...

 My 16 yr old brother uses a pin or something sharp to cut into his skin to make symbols. What should I do.?
He has done this whenhe was lik 12 or 13 but has not done this since then. I told him to stop doing that because that it gross, and it will leave scars but he doesnt seem to care. We have had a lot ...

 I triped and fell on my knee on concreate really hard?
i know im clumsy. it hurts really bad when i walk my knee cracks when i benfd it it cracks if i stand on my knee i feel like im gonna die. i do cheer and tommorow is my last game and for the halftime ...

 My thumb was twisted back and it really hurts. how do i know if it's broken or what the damage is?
it's really sore, but still ...

 Small fish bone stuck in throat?
anyone know how to move a small fish bone stuck down throat?it seems to have moved down and when you turn your head to the side you can feel it digging in? tried dry bread drinking etc any other ...

 I'm afriad to drive & become panic-y when riding in a car after very bad car accident on Friday?
On Friday night, a drunk driver pulled out in front of my car & I hit him head on doing about 40 mph. Didn't even have time to swirv or really even stop. I am okay, accept for the injuries ...

How can i break my elbow?
like, in the house, or just, by myself.
i have a REALLY good reason
and, no matter what any of you people say, I'm going to do it!
but, i was wondering if anyone knew of any fast/easy ways of doing it!
so, please.
and no stupid answers!
and please no answers about me getting help and go see a doctor and stuff.
because i know!


hopeless (:
try smashing it against a doorframe?
what a weird question.

Gooch Sucker
fall off a trampoline and land with your arm on the ground first and it should break backwards

Jeniffer S
Hey are you CRAZY???
Anyway if u want to harm yourself(I don't know the reason why) why don't you fall off stairs or fall while skatboarding(if u have one).....I saw it on VIDEO ZONKERS!!!!!

u know the wall . _| <--- its like this right? use ur elbow and smash it on the sharp point . if u dun fear pain .
i hope this is not a stupid answer ><

kay :)
I can't imagine why anyone would want to break their elbow or any other bone. NO REASON COULD BE GOOD ENOUGH.
What do you hope to achive from this other than excruiating pain.

youre an idiot. no question about it. Ive broken many bones in my life and I would NEVER do it on purpose. get a life

My mom broke both of hers by climbing up a pear tree to pick fruit and falling out of it onto our porch and landing on both of her elbows...

Can't imagine why anyone would want to do that though, she couldn't even wipe her own bottom for weeks, let alone dress herself!

Teresa G
Are you kidding me? There is no pain like bone pain. I think maybe you should check into seeing a shrink, because I think your problem may be deeper than you think!

meeta bhar
The world is really weird. Normally if people are in pain, they ask for help. But those who are fine are asking for trouble. Really stupid. Dont you have anything better to do?

No stupid answers? I'm so tempted to say 'If you ask a stupid question...' Oh look I just did.
There is no really good reason to break your elbow.
You are obviously trying to avoid something or think that this is the best solution to a situation. And you are right if you have made up your mind, no one can actually stop you.
I can't recommend any fast/easy ways - all the ones I know are difficult and painful.

Why not a stupid answer? It would go so well with a stupid question. Are you trying to get revenge on someone? Or get their attention, or sympathy? This is not a good way to do that, you know.

And you realize that this will be INCREDIBLY painful, don't you? And that you may be risking the proper function of your arm for the rest of your life? What happens if a chunk of broken, jagged bone severs a nerve, and your arm is paralized for the rest of your life? What happens if that bone cuts a vein or artery, and you bleed to death?

Jennie M
put your arm on the table so your elbow is facing up get somthing heavy and drop it on your arm

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