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Saddennis Recipes
Help! Smashed toe, now the nail is coming off?
I ended up dropping a speaker right on my big toe last night, and it was painful. Now today the nail is black and is barely hanging on, and there's this blue stuff around it, like it looks like paint, but I don't have paint on my nails that color. Should I just go to the emergency, or what home remedy could I use to get it to stop throbbing. I can't even sleep because its so painful. Thanks

I'd see a doctor just in case, but when one of my sons was little, he dropped a can of vegetables on his big toe, and while it wasn't broken, he lost the toe nail. It grew back.

♥ YaHabibeDisney ♥
just waut for it to fall off.....i know it seems gross, take a bath in epsom salt and let it soak, then wrap gauze around it with the medical tape and u can even put like neosporin or something but just let it come off naturally..... when i was little i kicked a basketball with open toe sandals on and the same thing happened to me, when i got in the bath all the water turned red from the blood, but it stopped and it took awhile but the nail fell off, change the gauze and clean it alot.

Willie Gerome Jenkins III
if you have lortab, vicodin, or hydrocodone..(they are the same thing really) in your home, then theres your "home" remedy

give it cold compress.
please take HYPERICUM 30 AND LEDUM 30 these r homeopathic medicines and there is nothin better than these in any pathy
trust me take these for 15 days

id go to the er

I would go to the E.R. You may have fractured the toe. You also wanna make sure that infection does not occur. Try packing ur toe in ice, it may help with pain, also,keep it elevated. But GO TO THE E.R.

OUCH!! that sound so painful!!
My advice: GO see a doctor right away!!!

**Better safe than sorry** Good luck

Ow! That even sounds painful!

You probably could get by with just bandaging the toe and being careful until the nail regrows. But it would be safer to see a doctor and make sure nothing's broken.

Good luck!

Carolyn B
I imagine you probably bruised it pretty bad or maybe broke your toe bone. I did the same type thing 15 years ago. If it is broke, the dr. will only bandage it, and with time it will heal itself. Pain in this area is extremely bad!!!!! If the nail is hanging, it can be removed in the emergency room with medication to deaden the area around it, to make it less painful. Good luck. I sympathize with you!!!!

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