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MY husband recently got hurt while ice skating On Dec 31,2006...He fell on his face cut his chin and broked his wraist..Just today he had a surgery due to the serve bone fracture he had..Friends and family memebers keep on encourageing us to sue ,but who...I or should we say never had any problems with anyone in our lives and this is a first time we are encouraged to sue..I mean do we really have a case..CAn we really got something from the ice skatng rink due to my husband's fall? He now has to stay 10 days away from work and thats really gonna hurt us,its bad enough we r barely making now he has to stop working at all???? Please anyone give me any advices and should I really start doing something..(cause honselty I am really shy to call any lawyers ,cause I dont even know what to say or how to start)..THANK YOU for your time !!!!

Of all the frig gen excuses to sue somebody this takes the cake .Tell me what is worse than deliberately gliding along on ice and then when you are too incompetent to stay on your wobbly feet and fall flat on your face you want to blame the ice .
Get real. My husband NEVER went with us for that very reason because he knew if he would fall and break a leg , we would be *** out of luck . Learn your lesson , pass it on to your kids to be responsible for your actions . His bones will heal and some day you look back on this and chuckle . Trust me .

The rink probably has insurance to cover accidents. But in any event there is implied consent when you engage in any activity in a public forum [like an ice rink] that might induce harm. So the chances are you will not have much basis to sue.

You need to check with the rink regarding their policy before you attempt to find an lawyer.

Laws differ from state to state.

I doubt it. Most skating rinks and places like that make you sign a waiver. Even if you could, why would you? You knew there was the risk of falling, IT'S ICE!!!!! It is people like you that sue for any reason that are the cause of so many problems in this country.

It depends; were you in a skating rink, or on a private pond? Were you supposed to be there or were you there illegally. You have to ask YOURSELVES a lot of questions, because, believe me, a lawsuit doesn't mean free money. Believe me, they will be asking a lot of questions, and people need to take responsibilty for their own actions.

These days people sue for anything. Whether you win or not is another story. I am not a lawyer but if the rink was negligent somehow, you may have a case. However, there are risks involved in ice skating itself, the rink probably has warnings posted somewhere. If it was due to their negligence, yes, if it was your husband's inexperience or something else not associated with the rink, I would say no. I am sure an attorney on here could tell you better than I could.

Ask yourself this question, How is the rink liable for your hbusband's clumbsy fall? Was there malicious intent on the part of the rink ro deliberately injure your husband? In order to win a lawsuit you must first prove intent and negligence. If you can't... no case!!!


Demon Doll
I swear, only in America are people this sue-happy...

Was the fall due to something faulty at the rink, or is your husband just not a very good skater? Unless you have solid proof and evidence that the rink was at fault, you have no case. What did the two of you expect, a professional ice skater to babysit him so he wouldn't get hurt?

Accidents happen. That's why they're called ACCIDENTS.

Trer has given you a really good answer. However he has forgotten to consider that you may be in a jurisdiction where the basic legal situation has been modified by statute. You really should always say where you are from when you ask any legal kind of question.

No, you don't ave a case. Accidents like that happen--and they're unfortunate, but that's life. Your friends are pretty ignorant of the law, I'd say.

somebody's knocked up!
people these days are too sue happy! did the ice skating rink do anything to make your husband fall? maybe they should sue you for... bleeding all over their ice. i'm sure it was traumatic for some employee of theirs to have to clean up. get a life. accidents happen. your husband is the one who fell. nobody made him fall.

NO you skate at your own risk and I'm sure there is plenty of notice at the ice rink to that effect. You can't sue the city for being hit by a car or sue the bowling alley cause you sprained your wrist from rolling the ball wrong. The ice rink's not responsible if you don't know how to skate without falling, if you don't know what you're doing then either be careful or don't skate!

Give me a break-- sue for what? I'm sorry he got hurt but he took a risk in skating, he fell- It happens. How does the rink bear any liability for his skating? It would be different if he was run over by the zamboni driver or something but sheesh.

Shouln't he use sick time or something?

Sure you can sue, but who's fault was it that he fell? Can you prove that the skating was at fault for your husband falling? If you go ahead and get a lawyer she will get a large percentage of of any money you do win.

OK, your husband can't skate, yet its the rinks fault?

People do fall when they skate, it happens all of the time. Sure go ahead and sue, after all this is America, home of the frivolous lawsuit by lazy greedy Americans. Hopefully you'll get a judge that will toss you out on your a**.

I truly hope you don't have children....

It you paid to skate at a rink then the small print on the ticket probably stated they were not responsible for injuries or damages. Geezzzz... you don't say they were negligent in any way, so it appears it was an accident of your husbands. Why on Earth would you think of suing?

I don't think you should...the ice skating rink didn't make you skate or push you down...Its not there fault.

Only if you can prove that the owners of the rink were negligent. You can not sue because he slipped and fell. Ice is slippery and skating does have presumed risks.

So unless the injury was due to the negligence or the rink or it's employees, NO.

If it was caused by another person you would need to sue that person and prove that they caused the accident, but again implied risk of the sport exists.

Muga Wa Kabbz
Yours sounds like it would be a frivolous law suit, thus it would be kicked out of court and you'd have to pay all the court costs. The only way you could sue the ice-skating rink is if the accident or fall was a result of some neglicence on the part of the ice-skating rink. Keep in mind that you'd have to get people who witnessed the negligence and the fall.

Crayola Franky
Okay, you're like saying you're going to sue since your husband fell on his own... That's sort of like sueing McDonalds for you eating their food. They didn't push him or made you two skate. That does sound painfull though. Hope he gets better soon

I sincerely doubt if you could sue. Skating is a voluntary thing and no-one forced your husband to skate - maybe he should avoid skating in the future.

No, it was an accident. I am sure some money hungry lawyer would take your case, but it was an accident.

Anyone can sue anyone for anything. Why would you want to sue the skating rink? Did you husband trip on something that shouldn't ahve beeb there, or did he just wipe out? If he wiped out, I think it was be unconscienable to sue!

If your husband fell because of something the rink knew was broken or dangerous but did not take any preventative measures against injury to its patrons, then you might want to consider suing. But, if this is a case of your husband just not knowing how to skate or was just an accidental fall, no you can't sue. He knew the risk (if he didn't have experience), but did it anyways. Please don't become another sue-happy American if the rink did nothing wrong!

Unfortunately today's world is very "sue-happy." Yes, you could sue, but should you? I think no. When you went ice skating you took a risk. Unless it was something directly related to the rink that caused the fall, ex: negligence in taking care of the ice, I wouldn't bother with suing. Is is fair to the people you are suing? There also may be signs posted around the rink stating they are not liable for injuries.

Seriously, why sue over an accident. The ice rink didn't force you to skate. If I was a judge I would laugh this right out of court. Try your insurance to get money.

In Tort Law, there is a concept known as "assumption of risk" which means that when you engage in an activity, you assume the risk of certain negative outcomes that may occur. The only way you have a chance is if you can prove the ice skating rink was negligent in some way in maintaining its facility (i.e. poor lighting, failure to keep the ice clean, etc. etc)

A lawyer would have to know exactly how your husband fell. If you, by chance, found a similar history with this particular ice skating rink, you may have a chance

This what keeps people from suing the makers of a football if they get hurt playing touch football. You assume the risk when you engage in the activity.

Venice Girl
Okay, yeah, you can sue. If a person can sue McDonald's because they were lame enough to spill coffee in their lap and it burned them and they actually won, then you can sue for anything. But, hey, with this, you would have to prove that the rink did something faulty. Was the ice damaged? Prove it. Was there something on the ice that caused your husband to fall? Prove it. Was there something wrong with the skates he rented? Prove it. Just accept that your husband was just a plain ol' klutz. This world has gone litigation crazy and everyone wants to sue everyone. Trust me, you will lose more than you will win, no matter how much you win. People have grown so vengeful and hateful. Ignore your friends and family (who, btw, only want you to sue because they think some of the winnings may trickle on down to them...!) and just move on.

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