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HELP!!!!!!!!!!!! Is my tailbone broken?
It feels like it heals but then I sit down too hard and it HURTS! I don't want to get an x-ray cause I'm a girl and I dont wanna kill my eggs =( This has been going on for ~5 months...I'm a teen It should have healed by now HELP!
Additional Details
P.S. MY MOM IS A SURGEON all she said was that she didn't really want me to get an x-ray so I wouldn't kill my eggs

X-rays won't kill your eggs. what gave you that idea?

First of all, an occasional X-ray is not going to kill your eggs, so relax about that.

As to your tailbone, have you EVER had the injury evaluated by a doctor? You don't mention that. If you haven't, then I would certainly encourage you to do so in order to make sure that a fractured tailbone IS the problem and not something else. If you have seen a doctor for it in the past, then all you can do is be patient. Only time will help with tailbone fractures. I have known fractures to hurt occasionally for over a year after the injury.

If your mom is a surgeon then she should know u need to get that checked out. If it hasn't healed in 5 months you'd better have that taken care of. You're worried about your eggs and all but how are you going to have a baby if u can't even sit down? Someone needs to call the authorities on your mom!!!!! You deserve a better parent than that. Where's your dad? Talk to him. He can take u to the doctor.

One x-ray will not kill your eggs. If you did break your tailbone but it's been 5 months, it's probably healed the best it ever will. GO TO THE DOCTOR!
My friend broke his tailbone when he was 14 but didn't know so he didn't go to the doctor. He was in terrible pain for close to 6 months. It still bothers him once in awhile but there's nothing to do. It will never fuze back together.

just go get an xray thats the only way to tell or go to a chiropractor whos gonna ask for an xray

curiously strong
an xray will not 'kill your eggs' and there is also the choice of an ultrasound but you do need to seek medical attention right away

Brianna B
When I was 22, I slipped on my front steps and chipped my coccyx and fractured my sacrum, I did go in for x-rays after a week of incredible pain, and I was informed there was nothing they could do aside from pain management. They offered me a script for Naproxin (advil I think) and sent me packing.

well the only way to heal a broken tailbone is time anyway.. but i don't think you'll kill eggs as in plural.. you'll just kill the one that forming
you should go to the doctor, especially if its hurting, you don't want anything more serious to happen

I don't think x-rays kill your eggs... when I sit down hard, my tailbone hurts too. Maybe because it is getting hit hard against our insides when we sit in the wrong position or come down too hard. You could always check, I'm sure it's ok to get an x-ray.

I think I broke my tailbone about two years ago.(traumatizing slip-n-slide incident) I was never quite sure though, because I also didn't want to get an x-ray. Even if I had though, what could the doctors do? Put a cast on my butt? All they would have done would maybe be give me pain killers and tell me time would heal it. I ended up avoiding chairs and sleeping on my stomach for six months. Now, out of habbit I can only fall asleep on my stomach.

The only advice I have is be patient. There's really nothing else you can do.

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