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 Are you still allowed to drive with a broken wrist in a plaster cast?

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I am a 14 y/o girl. I recently started hs volleyball. Friday I started getting left side lower back pain. It was fairly ok pain, until Wednesdday, now it just feels HORRIBLE! I'm wondering if ...

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1) I broke two bones in my foot, one in my ankle, and chipped a knee cap, and got a concussion while doing a double back tuck off of beam
2) I cant reach my locker b/c i need to be on my tip ...

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I got this small lump on my wrist. I cant really move my thumb that far with out me screeming. I know its not broken. The lump is hard and it feels like my bone. I do a lot of kick boxing, and ...

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will it sting? will it make the redness go away?...

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i got my cartilage pierced early June and it is a little swollen and red. It has a little bump on the back of the ear and the bump is hard. I'm worried it's infected. Am I overreacting? A...

 How the heck can this happen?
Ok so this is an odd question! 8 years ago I broke my foot a bone in the middle of my foot! I nenver kept the cast on long as I was a young teen and refused it! Well its always hurt me a bit when the ...

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I went camping a few days ago and slept on the ground. My lower back feels out. Should I still go for a run?...

 Ear stud went into my ear. Its swollen, painful, bleeding and...
smells horrible. I feel slightly deaf in that ear and very sick.

We had to just take my earing out but I can even bear to touch my ear.

How can I get rid of the infection i ...

 2nd Degree Burn Help?
As the result of a BBQ incident I have a second degree burn with blisters, unpopped. I am soaking in cold water now and have taken some advil. I'm not really sure what to do and refuse to go to ...

 I stubbed my toe it is red will soaking in epsom salts help?
Swollen but little pain I can move it ok
Additional Details
The doctor put me on ...

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Is there anything i can use to cover it as i am ablout to go out for a dance to celebrate the new yaer ,this could not have come at a worst time any help will be appreciated thanks....

 Do you crush the rib cage when you do CPR compressions?
I've been wondering about this question for a long time ever since I learned that compressions are 1.5-2inches. None of my lifesaving instructors were able to answer this question.

Do ...

 Is this normal, what is it?
Last night when I was sleeping I woke up with this HORRIBLE!!! pain in my leg. This isn't the first time it has happened. It is in the lower part of my leg. It feels like the muscle in the back ...

 What is the WORST physical injury you have ever had???
the more details the better.......

 My left leg sometimes has sharp pains where it meets my hip; i cant walk with it cause it hurts so bad. help??
its mostly in the back. i get it for a day or two every once in a while. i thought it was gone because i havent had to deal with it in over 9 months, but it just came back today. it goes off and on ...

 I don't love my husband anymore.I'am a christian woman however thinking about divorce?
We already had a 3 year long sepparation 3 years ago because he was unfaithfull I forgave him but can't love him anymore no matter how hard I try.I love my life a lot but when he comes home I ...

 Why does my knee makes a snapping sound when i walk?

Everytime i jog i feel pain in my shin, what are d ways to prevent it?

speak to fitness doctor, because you may have pull one of your muscle so be careful, plus when jogging don't push yourself too hard.

try power walking in stead

it's your own fault
stop jogging.

Its most likely shin splints, i get them bad, mostly when i run on softer surfaces, the best way to prevent and calm them is to stretch them first. One stretch is to lean back a little and rest one foot on its heel and move the tip of your toe up and down to its full extent. Do this in both legs, it shouldnt take long. Again this will only work if its shin splints. You may have a bubble/cyst on the outside of your shins about half way up if you do that get bigger the more they hurt. Also you may want to change the type of shoe youre wearing, that also has an effect.

Cycling will provide a low impact alternative.

Proper pre-running stretch, and shoes that fit your foot properly and support properly. There are a large variety of running shoes, and people have a lot of different running styles. A professional runner's shoe store, such as Marathon Shoe in Boston and Cambridge MA, will take a lot of time to fit you.
There is much information in a shoe issue of Runner's World Magazine.

First, check your shoes. When I get some pain, it is often related to my running shoes wearing out.

Warm up and then stretch before your run.

Do toe taps to strengthen your shins. Sit in a chair with your feet on the floor and knees at a 90 degree angle. Lift up your toes and tap them twice. Then lift your heels and tap once. Repeat.

Finally, when you have pain, RICE, rest, ice, compress and elevate.

If it's a "shin splint" - kind of a (sharp pain, cracking) then the best thing to do is stretch well before you jog. Toe tapping to warm up the muscle is the simpliest exercise. Putting on a cream to warm the muscle like Bengay may help.

Also, consider your foot wear, and make sure you are wearing a well fitting running shoe with appropriate shock absorption.

Finally, if you continue to feel pain it should not be ignored - check with a doctor

It's important to get this checked out by a physcian. When I ran for my high school cross country team, I developed shin splints. I good website on things to do for shin splints is here: http://www.webmd.com/content/Article/61/67300.htm?pagenumber=2

Treatment for shin splints includes rest, massage, ice, stretching, and strengthening. Rest and ice is sometimes the best treatment. You should also be stretching your calves and Achilles tendon. If you have the problem during running or walking, try warming up more and don't increase the speed too quickly. You can also try varying the speed and elevation of the treadmill if you use one instead of keeping it the same.

Also, make sure your shoes are sturdy and give you lots of support, particularly in the arch. If your shins hurt, you should gently massage them and then ice them after you work out. A good pair of jogging shoes is worth every cent! Go to an athletic store that will help you find the shoe that will give you the best arc for jogging.

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