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 My head fell off last week,I have got it back on but it feels a bit wobbly.What is the best skin adhesive?
It hurts, a lot of blood and tenderness around neck area. dizzyness,carnt spel goode know moore....

 Ive had knee pain for years...?
Hi all,

I have had knee pain for years along with clickin sounds when I bend or straighten my knee, also it normally feels like it will collapse on me, which it has done a few times before....

 Do I need stitches for my head injury?
Last night I was intoxicated and got in a fight. I have an opening on the lower back of my cranium what is maybe half an inch long and 1/8-1/4 of an inch wide. I dont really have money to get it ...

 Do you think i'd get an X-ray on the NHS?
I have always had dodgy ribs on one side of my chest... my mum tells me she could feel it when i was a baby.

It feels as if a couple of my ribs have fused together to form a very thick, ...

 Insect bite?
i have this little red area on my face it's kinda puffy and when i touch it it's kinda numb. Do you think it's some sort of insect bite? and any home remedies i can put on it to ...

 Sore toe - what do i do?
i dropped a heavy wooden box on my big toe. and its all red and swollen and has puss coming out of it. its so rank!!!

ive bathed it in water and tcp. what more can i do?
and how ...

 My ankle makes this popping noise, but it doesn't hurt? Im a soccer player n been playing for about 9 years..?
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 What is worse a fractured wrist or a broken wrist?
fractured or ...

 OUCH! What's the best way to stop the pain .............?
after you get your finger out of a locked truck door? (yeah same hand the cast is on!!!!!) Don't I have good luck? (No poems for me for a while!)...

 I used to cut myself?
does this make sense

A few years ago

I used to cut myself really severely

there is a spot on my arm

which happens to be the worse


 Arm hurts so much please help?
Okay i hurt my arm falling (my lower arm) and the bone hurts to touch and it hurts when i move my wrist up sometimes and down all the time and right and left, and it hurts to tighten my hand and it ...

 4 wheeler accident injurys.. are they okay?
3-4 days ago, I had a 4 wheeler accident.
I went down a steep hill and I turned too sharply and flipped the 4 wheeler on me.
I have a gash on my right inner leg, it is wide as a pop can ...

 I'm trying to break my toe. What's the easiest way?
I've tried taking a 5lb hammer to it but it just bruises. Any good ideas?...

 How do you heal a broken heart?

 How do i give myself a black eye?
i have to get a black eye as an excuse for work. i decided to take off cause it was memorial day and didnt wanna work. so i told my job that i got into a fight and couldnt make it in. i know i can ...

 How do you know if you've pulled a muscle?
I was in swim practice, and I got a really bad cramp in my leg. The next day, I still had it, and it hurt alot. It feels like its tight. I don't know what to do, and what happened. It would help ...

 Besides going to see a doctor, does anyone know how I would go about removing a wood splinter from my finger?
It happened afew days ago. I thought I had gotten all of it but my finger is very sore and getting very red and a little swollen where the splinter went in. I would be very greatful for any ...

 How long dose it take for a sprained ankle to heel?

 Broken arm?
how long does it usually take at the hospital for an average broken arm?
Additional Details
um...yea. its not my arm ...

 Does a nose piercing hole leave a scar?
I'm considering on letting my nose piercing close up. I have had nothing but trouble with it. Any one know if it leaves a big scar? Should I reconsider? The reason why i have decided to let it ...

Does picking your nose make the nostrils wider?
i am not being nasty so please have an open mind. i think that my nostrils have gotten wider after i picked it with my pinky nail. i been doing this a lot lately. what should i do to make it the size it was before?
Additional Details
i've been getting really good answers.

take a bit of oil of any face cream which is greasing enough... apply on the nose and sqeeze the nose by slidinf your fingures from top to bottom of your nose.... if you do it regularly this would give your nose a sharper look

stand in front of a mirror and put your finger under your nose as if to say I'm about to sneeze and flare your nostrils over&over , again a few times supporting your nose continually with your finger this will cause a resistence, slimming

It probably could. Especially if you start with your pinky and work your way to your thumb. (LOL). Sorry, I couldn't resist . . .

Don't really have an answer for this one, but good luck with shrinking it back (and I hope it won't require plastic surgery now).

I read somewhere recently that two parts of your body never stop growing: your nose and your ears. Chances are nothing you did caused this.

Shindy9 had good advice: clean your hands before touching your nose. I read somewhere that infections in the nose reach the brain rapidly.

I do believe the nostrils will be bigger if you often pick your nose.
I have allergic rhinitis since a child and often blew my nose and clean them often. And my nostrils is widen due to frequent picking and digging. So if you control it, stop picking.

Margaret S
yes it dose i did it before now my nose is biger than my eye

I doubt that you actually widened your nostril... you're probably just feeling a bit paranoid about it because you've been doing something taboo.

Unless you picked it so hard you literally tore the collagen fibers in the cartilage of your nose (in which case I think you'd probably be bleeding and/or in a lot of pain), it's unlikely you've stretched out your nose.

Picking your nose is taboo but, mostly, harmless. At least make sure you wash your hands first, don't scratch, and don't probe too far or you risk damaging the tissue. Handwashing is important because otherwise you're setting yourself to introduce a lot of germs into your body from underneath your fingernails.

Lastly, if it's really making you this self-conscious, maybe you should simply cut back or stop the behavior. I imagine it's a habit, much like biting your nails. Try to distract yourself with something else.

Stop picking your nose, hopefully you haven't stretched it too much and it will go back into shape.

Chantal D.
That you picking it has a cause, maybe you have a infection(sinusitis) if that is cured then you don't have any reason to picking.Anyway try to avoid the picking and instead blow your nose in a tissue.
Hope it helps.

dog lover

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