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Does it hurt wen they take off the ingrown toe nail? they dont numb your toe?

Zac SSBB code 3394-3355-1563
it might hurt but not as much because they numb your whole leg (also your toes) and then pull it out, it might hurt like if it were a masquito bite. its not that bad

Both of mine hurt more than anything I've ever felt.
The doctor did give me local anesthetic, but not enough and he didn't believe me when I said I still had some feeling in my toe.

Also, when the doctor was giving me the anesthetic he must've hit a nerve(which I'm sure accounts for some of the pain) because I have no feeling on one side of the toe he worked on.

mama mia
The doc will numb your toe first with several shots of Novocaine. You will definitely feel the shots, but trust me, you'll be glad. Don't watch what happens next. The doc cuts off the side of the toenail that is ingrown. You will not feel any pain, and if you do, tell the doc to stop; that you need more Novocaine.

The doc will disinfect your toe and bandage it up. Listen carefully to his instructions of how to care for it over the next several days. MAKE SURE HE GIVES YOU A PRESCRIPTION FOR PAIN MEDS because when the feeling comes back to your toe, you will think you are dying.

It will hurt to walk on it for awhile, as in, about a week or two. You should wear only open-toed shoes or ones that are a little large for you so that your toe has plenty of room.

You will be all right, though. Just remember: This, too, shall pass. Good luck. :)

Dani G
I've had ingrown toenails on both of my big toes and let me tell you, the faster you go to get them cut the better. You can choose to get a freezing if you like, I advise you to, because then you don't feel it at all. They put this numbing paste on your toe, so you don't even feel the needle! After a couple of minutes, you won't be able to feel your toe in the least. Just cover your eyes and they'll cut it in about 10 seconds. When they did mine the first time, they were finished before I even thought they started. They just bandage it up afterwards, and you take it off three days later and vĂ­ola! By they way, when cutting your nails, don't grab the nail and peel it off to the end, this usually causes ingrown toenails because it forms a cut, and the nail grow downward.
Good Luck, and don't worry, you won't feel a thing!

my son had this done last week and no problem. It didn't hurt they numbed it and he walked when he got home. and it hardly bothered him, could play sports the next day and walked on it the same day. It only took the foot doctor about 4 min. to get done! But yes they numb it good and it doesn't even hurt. Don't worry!

Heidi K
ive had 2 of mine done it dsnt hurt.
n they do numb it!

they numb your toe and that is the worst part
they stick multiple needles into your toe and it hurts like a mofo
after that they cut them out and you have sore toes
I had mine done 3 weeks ago and I just started wearing my regular shoes again

of course they numb your toe....the numbing process can sting, but no one in their right mind would allow an ingrown nail to be removed without anesthetic.

Rachel N ♥
I've never had it taken off before for an ingrown nail. I've just had them filed with a special ingrown nail file, and that didn't hurt one blt. But, I was told that if the condition keeps reappearing that permanent removal of just a tiny portion of the afflicted side of your toenail can be done to prevent future problems.

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