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 Is it possible to cause nerve/muscle damage to the top of your foot by having a car roll over it?

Additional Details
They took xrays and said no bones were broken. I suppose they didn't look at anything ...

Kia H
Do you need to wear a cast on a broken foot?
Additional Details
if it doesn't hurt that much anymore

♥ Hamsters ♥
Many people experience a broken bone (fracture) at some point in their lives. A broken ankle or broken foot is common. After all, you have 26 bones in each foot and three bones in each ankle joint. And these bones are susceptible to stress, stubbing, twisting and trauma.

The seriousness of a broken ankle or broken foot varies. Breaks in this part of your body can range from less-serious fractures, involving tiny cracks in your bones, to severe, shattering breaks that pierce your skin.

Treatment for a broken ankle or broken foot depends on the exact site and severity of the fracture. A severely broken ankle or broken foot may require surgery to implant wires, plates, rods or screws into the broken bone to maintain proper alignment during healing.

A break in one or more bones of the foot, including the injury known as a subtalar (sub-TAY-lar) fracture, can be very painful. Healing time ranges from several weeks to a couple of months. An x-ray will show when the fracture has healed and you can resume normal activity.
This type of fracture is usually caused by a fall or an object that lands on the foot.
You are likely to suffer pain, swelling, bruising and weakness of the foot. It may tingle or feel numb. If the bones are broken badly, they may look misshapen. You may be unable to walk.
Your doctor will probably take an x-ray of the foot. You may need to wear a cast or splint on the foot, depending on how bad the break is, and will have to use crutches for a while. If you scraped or tore your skin and haven't had a tetanus shot in 5 to 10 years, you may need a booster.
If you are not given a cast or splint:
Use crutches and avoid putting any weight on the injured foot until your doctor gives the okay. Then slowly increase the amount of time that you use the foot, stopping as soon as it begins to feel painful.
After the first 1 to 2 days, you may apply heat to the injury to help relieve pain. Use a warm heating pad, whirlpool bath, or warm, moist towels for 15 to 20 minutes every hour for 48 hours.
If you are given a cast or splint:
Use crutches until your doctor says they are no longer needed.
To reduce swelling, keep your foot on pillows while lying down and on a chair or footstool when sitting. Keep the foot above the level of your heart, if possible.
Apply ice to the injury for 15 to 20 minutes each hour for the first 1 to 2 days. Put the ice in a plastic bag and place a thin towel between the bag of ice and your cast.
If you are given a plaster or fiberglass cast:
Do not try to scratch the skin under the cast by pushing a sharp or pointed object between the cast and your leg.
Check the skin around the cast every day. You may put lotion on any red or sore areas.
If you have a fiberglass cast and it gets a little wet, it can be dried with a hair dryer.
If you are given a plaster splint:
Wear the splint until your doctor says you may remove it.
You may loosen the ace wrap around the splint if your toes become numb or start tingling.
Do not put pressure or lean on any part of your cast or splint. It may break.
Keep the cast or splint dry. It can be covered with a plastic bag during bathing. Do not lower it into water.
You may use acetaminophen or ibuprofen to relieve pain and swelling. Take all medicines as directed by your doctor. If you feel the medicine is not helping, call your doctor, but do not stop taking it on your own. If you have been given a tetanus shot, your arm may be red, swollen, and painful at the site of the injection. This is a normal reaction to the medicine in the shot.
Call Your Doctor If...
The cast gets damaged or breaks.
The pain gets worse or you have more swelling than before the cast was put on.
The skin or toenails below the injury turn blue or grey, or feel cold or numb.
The cast develops a bad odor.
There are new stains coming from under the cast.

Footie Princess
ye u do

a cast is a form of pain relief as well as holding the bone in the right place so it's up to you do you want a bone to heal out of place

Casey H
You may need a standard cast, and air cast, or a rocker bottom walker boot. You should go to the doc or things could get worse

A. P
depends on the break, I had a break across my foot (just below my toes) and I didnt have to wear a cast, I just wore a surgical boot. sometimes you do need a cast though.

Sexy Red
This all depends on the area off the fracture sight and the sort off fracture its self,some fractures dont require a plaster cast a tubigrip some times helps,but if the fracture is displaced yes it needs a cast Good Luck

Jess W
If its a serious break then yes but if its a minor break then no

Kailynn D
depends on how serious the break is, and on ur doctors preference

If your foot is broken you should really go to the hospital sooner rather than later before your bones begin to heal themselves and the only way it can go back to "normal" is by rebreaking, and yes I believe you will need to wear a cast. So don't delay and go today if your foot is broken.

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