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it split my skin....

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10 points for correct answer. (it bled lots!)
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 I got hit in the nose...how long until the swelling goes down?

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noooo it's actually from cheerleading during a stunt...
but it's not swelled on my nose, it's on the right side right next to my nose, mostly on ...

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(sorry if i misspell something im hurrying)

my 2 yo neph. hit his cheek bone VERY HARD on the wooden part of a chair. it is every color of the rainbow and is swollen very badly. He has ...

Do you die if you break your neck?

if you break it no
but if you really wanna die come here and I'll do you the favor and i assure u that u will die...

no, you don't die, you're just paralyzed depending on how bad the break is,

denise e
You can but not always it depends on how you break and if there is nerve or spinal damage

those that really matter to you!
maybe it depends how hard you break your neck

Not necessarily, Depending on the location and how much damage done to spinal cord.

well i think it depends on how it breaks cuz if it breaks but you still breath then it depends on how well the hospital treats you. if it interfears with your breathing then yea you could die. every case is different

Well you can - Neck injuries can range in seriousness. I had a friend who broke her neck - she did have to have surgery and wear a neck brack but she suffered no long-term effects. But look at Christopher Reeve who was paralized. Then some people break their necks and die instantly. It just depends on where the break occurs

A lot depends on where the break is.

Buster Keaton broke his neck and he was unaware of it for three months

We all know what happened with Christopher Reeves

Only sometimes.

The problem is that breaking any part of your spine can cause the bones to cut into your spinal cord. When this happens, it can cause paralysis in the parts of your body that are controlled by the nerves that become disconnected by the cut. When it happens in your neck (the top of the spinal cord), it can paralyze your lungs...being unable to breathe is usually what causes death in this type of injury.

Old Hippie
In many cases but strangely enough not always.

help me
My brother broke his neck and he did not die nor is he paralyzed. In fact he has no ill effects from it now that he has his head halo off. Perhaps he was lucky eh?

Yes you can die if you break your neck...and yes you could live. It depends on how bad the injury is. And most likely if you live, you'll be paralized. But there is a few who live and are not paralized.

Daiquiri Dream
Depends on where the break has occurred within the cervical vertebrae. Most have paralysis from the neck down & never regain function.

baby girl
It depend on where you break it.

no it depends on where the break is. if it his up high yes but if it is down in the bottom you may just be paralyzed. Sometime people are told the broke their neck when all it is a fracture. So be careful with it. Because you don't want anything happen to it anymore.
Good Luck

No you don't always die when you break your neck. Like any other broken bone issue this type of injury can range from relatively minor to extremely serious the problem with a neck injury is that it can have long term lasting affects even without a fracture so if this is anything other than a rhetorical question seek medical advise asap.

You can if you wanted to, but I won't do that if I were you!!!

john e russo md
A 'broken neck' is a vague notion promoted in the movies. A bone may be bruised cracked or fractured - and this may produce pain - but not death. Most likely you are referring to an injury to the spinal cord. When the cord is severed ('broken' cut or sliced) a person is paralyzed - but no - they do no die as in the movies. Death occurs only if the nerves which supply the heart and lungs no longer function. Christopher Reeves (now deceased) severed his spinal cord in an equestrian accident.

I work as a Rn in a trauma center and we see on average 20 people a week who have broken a bone in the cervical spine. Most (99%) are stable fractures and they will get sent home with no other treatment needed other than a neck brace and pain medication after a few days in the hospital.

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