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It instantly swoll up and i couldnt put no weight on ...

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How long did it take to heal?
How did you do it?...

Do i sleep with gauze in my mouth after wisdom tooth extraction?
i just had my wisdom tooth remove today (9am) and i was not given stitches. i was told the gum will heal on its own (i dont know for how long!) i change the gauze every 15 mins. and now i need to sleep.(its 11pm) do i keep the gauze in my mouth while i sleep? im not afraid of swallowing it. im afraid i might sleep with my mouth open, breathe thru my mouth and dry up the hole in my gum! is that dry socket? i dont know how long a clot will form. i also dont know if i shud eat with the gauze in my mouth. ive heard of dry socket but im not sure what it is. all my dentist said is have a liquid diet and rest. help!

Call the office and ask.

Hm, well I'm surprised that you didn't get stitches. I got mine out about a month ago, and only used the gauze for a couple hours after I got home from the dentist. Then after that the majority of my bleeding had stopped so I did not use the gauze for the rest of the time. I would probably take yours out and not sleep with it, because it gets kind of uncomfortable in there! If you're still bleeding tomorrow during the day maybe put it back in, but definitely take it out for eating!
I'm pretty sure dry sockets are pretty uncommon, like your dentist said get lots of rest and eat soft foods for one or two days. Good luck!

I had three done the same day, one surgically extracted (.ie they had to cut the top off). Sleep w/o it,take vitamin C supplements,and make sure you keep it hydrated or else you will get dry socket, and that can be a real hassle. Don't know if you smoke, but if you do, put water-soaked gauze in the hole the next few days beforehand.

the gauze is for the bleeding. if it has stopped bleeding you can remove the gauze now

You don't need the gauze now, sleep without it and just rinse your mouth out in the morning. It will heal on it's own, I know, I've had 2 done! You will still feel a bit tender for a couple of days but if you are still bleeding after tomorrow go back to your dentist. You should be able to eat food, not just liquid

Do not sleep with gauze in your mouth.I had all 4 pulled at once.It should be pretty much closed by morning..It will not be healed al the way but should not be bleeding.Do not smoke or drink anything from a straw.Doing this will cause the clot to come out that will result in dry socket.this is VERY painful.. There will not be any confusion that something is wrong..Do not eat with gauze in your mouth..you shouldn't need it by tomorrow anyway. If you are still having alot of blood (like you did after getting them pulled)tomorrow call the dentist. Just eat soft foods like jello,pudding,soup. Nothing that you have to chew for at least a few days and get plenty of rest.hope this helped

The mom
You shouldn't need to keep the guaze in your mouth for long afterwards, certainly not while you sleep. As long as you aren't actively bleeding, you can leave the guaze out for now on. Dry socket actually refers to the bone of your jaw drying out, not the gums themselves. There is currently a blood clot sealing off the gums and the bone of your jaw. That needs to stay in place until the gum has healed, to keep it all sealed off. If that clot is lost or displaced, then the saliva in your mouth and air will cause the bone to lose moisture and begin to dehydrate- the socket part where the tooth roots used to be dries out on the bone. That usually isn't a problem until about day 3 or 4 of the healing. As long as you are drinking plenty of liquid, and not using a straw, it shouldn't be a problem for you. You probably will slightly open your mouth for the next few days, and drool on your pillow- that's fine, and the saliva will keep your mouth plenty moist. Just drink plenty, remember to swish gently and rinse after you have any sort of soup or food, and you should do just fine. No straws, and no fizzy drinks for at least a week or so, though. When your gumline heals, you will have a big hole at first. That will gradually fill in over the coming months, and eventually fill in level with the rest of your gumline. If after a few days, you notice an ache begin along the bone near where the tooth was, just return to your dentist. He will put some packing material in the spot, which will take care of the problem and make it feel much better. Meantime, follow the aftercare directions, take it easy for a few days, and you should be fine.

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