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Rebecca C
Coworker stepped on rusty nail 2 days ago, now there is swelling in his foot and he feels pain?
up his leg, I told him he needed a tetanus shot or antibiotics..was this right advice??

Jeteon B
Rust into his bloodstream can be very dangerous. You should take him immediately to a doctor and have that checked.

Yes...get to a doctor quickly!

Yes, the correct advice! It is not too late to get a tetanus shot and antibiotics will certainly help.

Karen H
Go get a tetnus shot i was climbing around in a clubhouse when i was younger and on my knees and a board with a nail sticking straight uo went right into my knee deep to so i went home and my parents took my to the doctor it to was trunning red and hurt get a tetnus shot .

Yes, it was he needs to see a doctor and
get a tetanus shot asap,before it get worse.

yes that is correct and the sooner he gets it the better off, preferably the day he steeped on it if his immunizations aren't current.

Definitely go to the dr & get a tetnus shot.

Yes, I do agree he needs a tetanus shot. He also needs to be seen by a doctor, at this point, a trip to the ER may be good.

The pain that is going up his leg could be a sign of blood poisoning. He really needs to go see about it. And yes, the advice with great. He can get lockjaw without a tetanus shot since he probably hasn't had a booster in 5 years. It is not so much the rust that is dangerous, as it is the bacteria on the nail.

mickey g
yup. he should have cleaned it well, then gone to the dr and got the tetnus shot. he might not have needed antibiotics, but its probably infected now.

sweet sue
Actually, he needs both. He needs to report to his supervisor that this happened and they will refer him to their workmans comp.Dr. If he is privately employeed and does not have workmans comp on himself he can use i=his regular ins. to cover it, But any way regardless of money he does need to see a Dr. He has a serious infection that is spreading and could cause MAJOR problems.

Lacey - Charlemay M
I know it sounds corny, but kids do grow up fast.
One day, this little helpless infant is nestled in your arms sleeping peacefully, the next minute, Danny Devito is sitting on your lap.
Then you realize, "Oh my gosh, are they that old already? How old am I?"
This is when you start planning for "the Look". You know the one...what you want to look like as an old person.
I've always envisioned myself as a 90 year old in a white t-shirt, pajama pants, thinning white hair, little round gold rimmed glasses, and a little white soul patch.
You know....Silver Fotch!
I'd sit on the front porch and heckle people walking by while I rocked in my chair whittling what may appear to be a prision shank!
"That's a Beautiful monkey you have" when women with ugly babies walk by. or maybe, "I didn't know you took care of Danny Devito?"

Obviously today is Danny Devito day. Time to watch Twins and Throw Mama From The Train again. Maybe even Big Fish. Really cleanse the palette!

Definitely the right answer. He should get to a doctor ASAP to make sure the infection doesn't worsen.

The Thinker
think drs office visit and a tetanus shot soon very soon ...

Yes, good advice, maybe too late advice, but still good advice.

dont be dumb he shoulda got a tetnus shot immediatly after. he needs to go to ER before his jaw starts clenching and they have to amputate ... no joke !

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