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 3/8" staple fully into center of palm. Would this cause nerve damage to fingers?
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 Who can beat me today..?
I have:
shin splints, so I cant walk very far or for very long.
a pain in my coccyx when I stand up.
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 Broken scaphoid, recently out of cast.............?
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do i call emergency room! we dont have ...

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 Is it possible to sprain your knee?

 Is it normal that five days after sprained ankle cannot rotate ankle to sides or extend it all the way?
or extend it all the way down like stretching
Additional Details
i do not have a good story for those who asked..i was going to get in my car and stepped off the curb wrong which was a ...

 My nose ring hurts!!?
i took out my nose ring today for about 5 minutes, and when i tried to put it back in, it wouldn't go through!! and now it really hurts but i got it through.. why do i need to force it through ...

 What would happen if you got shot right on your belly button?
if someone shot your belly button w/ a gun, would it be better or worse than if you got shot anywhere else?
i'm just curious.............

 Why does the EMTs and ER staff cut off a person's clothing when it's obvious where the injury is located?
For example, if a person is stabbed in the stomach then why cut off the bra too? Once the person is in the operating room then all the clothing is cut off? Why do they do that?...

 Can anyone that knows about wrist pain diagnose my problem? Video included PLEASE help =(?
This is slightly long but I just want to be very detailed

So I went to the gym last night and did chest (laying down with my arms strait up and out) I did 3 sets of 65 which was not all ...

Could one lose a limb because of cutting blood circulation while sleeping?
I always have a problem of waking up to a numd arm after sleeping on it for a long time. It got worse and scary when i woke up once an fell because my leg was too numb to support me. I do not know if i might totally kill one of my limbs one of these days. is it possible?


~*¤PR §W33+ii3¤*~
yes it is quite possible. if u r cutting off circulation then u r depriving that area of oxygen, which is needed for the tissues. without oxygen, the tissues die and the limb is lost. however, dont freak. it takes a long period of time for this to happen, depending on the limb...the length of the limb is also a factor because there are more or less tissues for a bigger or smaller limb. make sure to ask a doc. however, i doubt u get enough sleep per night to hav such a gr8 effect on ur limb, let alone the fact that i doubt u sleep on ur arm long enough for loss of it even if u do sleep for a long enough time for this to be possible. well, ask a doc, its kinda hard 4 me 2 say cuz i don noe how long per night u sleep on it but 99.9 times out of 100 ur ok!!! still...doc. ok?

Jessica P
it possible but highly unlikely

Stop sleeping with bent limbs. Keep your arms from being bent over your head or covering your face. Don't hang limbs off of the bed. Don't sleep in chairs.
Every time my b/f sleeps he would wake in the morning from pain and numbness with occasional numbness though out the day. Since we have put a focus on this , the numbness is down from every day to 1-2 times a week. The numbness has been occurring for 1 1/2 years. Our efforts against this has been months. And to answer your question, yes you can kill living tissue with a shortage of oxygen enriched blood.

Usually the loss of a limb caused by poor or no circulation is the result of a more serious condition, like blood clots or diabetes. I don't think that any numbness felt from sleeping wrong ever caused anyone to actually lose a limb, tho. Now, the numb LEG might be a cause for concern, because a noted lack of blood circulation, again, is a sign of something much more serious. I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, and often I wake up and can literally thump my hand against the wall and not feel a thing. By the way, some people have skin problems in the limb that is being deprived of enough oxygen, dry peeling skin, unhealthy nails, wounds that won't heal. On the subject of your leg, I would see a doctor about that. And about your arm, unless you can see signs of the skin like I mentioned above, I don't think you have anything to worry about there. But the leg tho,...get that checked out. Just to be safe.

i don't know i have often wondered the same thing...i always wake up and my arm is completely numb. I have to actually pick it up with my other arm to move it.

No it is not possible to kill one of your limbs because the circulation will continue. the reason you limbs go numb is because the nerves don't recieve signals because the blood supply has dropped. But it is still there. You've got nothing to worry about

you may have circulatory health problems,or diabetis,check

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