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Could my foot be broken?
i stood on a stone now cant walk on my foot so painfull

You should go to a doctor to check it out, but the bad news is that 99 percent of the time, they do nothing because the foot needs to heal on it's own.

Hope this helps.


If there is swelling, this is caused by broken bone pushing out the skin. Go see a doctor.

If it feels funny but is not swollen, you may have twisted or sprained it. Rest it for a few days with an ice pack, and if still bad, go see you doctor

cassey s
i dont think you can break your foot from just ''standing on a stone'',
maybe you have a corn, if your concerned go see a doctor, or if you have a walk in clinic near by go see a nurse.

you probably pulled a muscle or just sprained it.you still might need to see a dr. because the pain could get worse.i live in north carolina for right now and i always go walking in the rivers up here and there are so many rocks too and i steap on rocks and pull muscles in my feet,but i still see a dr. just in case i sprain my ankle instead of pulling a muscle. u should do the same thing for safety purposes.

Raych C
Put lots of ice on it to reduce the swelling & if it is no better by morning go down to A&E

if it was broken it would hurt so bad u'd know it was broken it wouldnt be a question you probably hurt it give it a week if it still hurt go to the doctor.

p.s. fell bettter

sounds like you have gone over on your foot and sprained it. Try keeping it in cold water to ease any swelling and discomfort. If it doesn't ease and you cant weight bear see your doctor.

Sounds like you bruised a muscle. Put it in warm water to relax the muscle. Should be good in a few days.

I'm not quite sure. But the best thing you could do is go to the hospital.

If it swells and the pain is unbearable it means a fracture and u need medical attention.

If you can't bear any weight on it, if it's swollen, and you're in a lot of pain - go get it checked out by a doctor.

Sexy Red
Hi well im a orthopaedic plaster technician sounds to be it could be a very bad sprain or strain,these are just as painful as a fracture believe me.You need to keep you foot elevated for swelling,frozen peas for the swelling and rest.See you Gp for advice he will send you up for a x-ray,if not go the A/E and get booked in,you will see the Drs there and get a x-ray and they will decide what you have done.Good luck

certain times it so happens. no worry. take some pain killers or still painful, consult doctor.

First of all you will need to see if your Foot swells up like a balloon, if it does then I would most certainly go straight to Casualty, as you will also be in a lot of pain, you most prob just bruised it, as if you was like to actually land on it hard then Yes it would be broken, so put your foot in ice cold water, to bring out the bruising!
I hope your foot is ok though?

probably swollen, put ice on it

well not really it could be sprained or fractured just walk on it
and maybe u should go to the Doctor but if u know its not broken just put a rap thigh around it

90210 aka Hummer Lover
yes your foot could be broken. then again it may not be. send me your foot in the post and i will look at it for you and post it back with a full diagnosis and what to do leaflet.

X-Ray is the only way to find out!!!

yotuel je t'aime
it could be...but maybe it's just the shock

ian t
probably not broken- just badly bruised.

You might have strained it, or bruised your foot, i suggest you see a doctor if it doesn't get better.

If all you did was stand on the stone you probably sustained a bruise. Try soaking it in warm water with epson salt and the pain should subside within a day or so. If the pain persists, see your physician for a possible x=ray.

You can't just ask by words if your is broken, you need to get it checked but it is likel that it is sprained because when you weight on your foot it doesn't really "break."

could be. or u may of just brused it badly. if not sure get some1 to take u to hospital. get it checked out/ X ray. i once had me foot run over by a car. it killed and couldnt move it or walk on it. i went to hospital. and luckly it was broken just bably brused.

It sounds like a bruised bone, however the only way to be sure is an x-ray which would mean a long wait in an ER.

In the meantime rest it, ice it and elevate it.

Take some painkillers if you can and let someone pamper you or drive you to the ER, don't drive yourself - I did once and ended up in plaster!

muscle strain, most likely, go see a doc

It could be, go see your doctor.

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