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 Do i sleep with gauze in my mouth after wisdom tooth extraction?
i just had my wisdom tooth remove today (9am) and i was not given stitches. i was told the gum will heal on its own (i dont know for how long!) i change the gauze every 15 mins. and now i need to ...

 What causes bruises to appear when you haven't hurt yourself?
i've had one on my finger joint and one on my ankle, i have lupus and problems with my kidneys and heart and take lots of ...

 Please pray for my uncle. He only has a few days left to live.Please no mean comments.?
Please no mean comments.

He was in a very serious car accident a year and a half ago, and he has been suffering ever since. He has had mutiple brain surgeries trying to help him, ...

hi can any1 help me im awaiting some compensation for my mum she fell from a bus and whacked her knee n had to go in hospital for a knee replacement anyway she died bless as the knee they put in had ...

 Can anyone tell me what this might be? 10 points best answer?
so my ankle up to might knee hurt like crazy. my ankle is swollen and feels weird. i know it isnt broken, but i dont know what is wrong with it. i can hardly walk bc it hurts so much....

 Is it bad to get sore knees after running?
Is it bad to get sore knees after running?
I ran 3.5 miles yesterday and my knees are sore that it hurts to walk up or down stairs. Does anyone know why and would this problem call for knee ...

 Will i need a cast?
i have a hairline ffracture on my tibia. its not very big and doesnt go all the way through. the doctor could barley see it on the xrays.(i went to the ER) they didnt put me in a cast but they ...

 Does Laser Eye Surgery Hurt?
I have terrible eye vision and im 20 years old. my glasses are thicker than a two nickle stack together. is it possible for me to get laser eye surgery still. my vision is really bad.

 Trying to determine if my hurt hip is a fracture or just a bad bone bruse...help?
i am 16 years old and i was running away from my friend yesterday and he sort of tripped me and i fell very hard on my hip in a parking lot. it hurts very much to walk and i could not lay on either ...

 I jamed my finger and its swelling up what can i do to drop the swelling?

 I fell off my bike and landed on my left arm outstretched?
it was almost a week ago and my arm still hurts like hell could it be broken cuz i can barely move it at all and i cant feel

but i dont wanna say its broken if it isnt what should ...

 Ankle pain?
my ankle always hurts after long times on it. or if im making sharp movements (playing tennis) it stiffens up and hurts for about 1 day at the min and 3 days at the most severe pain. the pain is on ...

 Where do the uninsured go for xrays?
i hurt my ankle a few weeks back and never went to the dr to get it checked out. It's still a bit swellen and throbs. All though I can bend it and walk it hurts. I'm wondering if there is a ...

 Has your ankle ever been the same after it healed from a sprain?
I sprained my ankle a while ago kickboxing. It took almost 4 weeks to heal. And those 4 weeks were very boring. All i did was care for my ankle. And 4 weeks later I got an X-ray and the doctors ...

 Punched in head, kicked in nuts or jump off a building?
You have to choose one of these or lose your life (guys only, for obvious reasons):
1.Punched in head twice w/ no helmet by Mike Tyson on amphetamines
2.Kicked in nuts 3 times, no wearing a ...

 Sprained ankle?
I went joging and stepped into a whole and twisted my ankle very badly.When i tried to walk on it i felt something snap or pop in my ankle.
It instantly swoll up and i couldnt put no weight on ...

 HELP ME! I broke my foot and I have 3 young children! I need ideas on how to function w/ non weight bearing
I am in a non weight bearing R leg cast. I can't even drive. I have a 3, 4, and 7 year old to take care of! I need to find out what sort of gadgets are out there to help me ie; how to get a ...

 Have you ever been knocked out by a sleeper hold or neck chop or nerve pinch? Any details?

 I fell down a flight of stairs... here are my symptoms...?
I fell over three days ago. I hit my bottom and my elbow. There is a bruise on my right butt cheek. There has been improvement - the sore muscles are less sore. I can walk regularly, I can sit ...

 I hit my head on the pavement last night? (see details)?
me and my buddys were doing something well, stupid. and I fell off the truck and hit the pavement. my head didnt hit first and we wasnt goin fast so it wasnt a hard hit. I didnt knock me out, I still ...

Carl B
Can you use milk to help preserve a severed limb?

lozz g
yea sumtimes]

no, just keep it cold - wrap it in a ziploc bag then put on ice. Be sure the limb stays with the patient to the hospital - in the same vehicle.

no, they make medicine for this, see a doctor to be correct

NO the bacteariea in it will cause an infection that could kill the person getting it put back on. the best thing to do is but it on ice but not directely put it in a bag or something that is clean then put it on ice

Milk is used to preserve a tooth lost but not limbs the best you could do is ice.

Pastor Chad from JesusFreak.com
Dude, instead of posting that question here, you need to call 911! In the meantime, put the severed limb in very cold ice water with lots of ice.

I have no idea. I would have thought ice would be a better bet.

As some others have said put it on ice as soon as possible and either call a squad or somehow get right to the Emergency Room and then they can take over for you.

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