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 Do you think having crutches are fun?
When I had them is was so fun! COuld you do any tricks on them?
Additional Details
Very sorry if anyone finds this question offences but I only had them for about 5,6 weeks....

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Well im only 15 and im having terrible back pain in my lower back. Started having lower back pain on monday but ignored it and continued going to football practice. During football on wesenday i ...

 Can a limb be reattached after being cut off?
this is probably a stupid question im thinking the answer is no but i have no idea really. and i dont know where to look for the answer so im asking here....

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Well yesterday my friends and I found a cart on my stret so we decided to return it too thestore and my friend accidently tipped it over with me on it and I landed on my shoulder and hip it doesn'...

 REALLY easy 10- points!!---HELP please?
do i have a better chace of spraining my ankle with a really tight shoe ot a loose shoe explain??

i want to sprain my ankle and i do no know how - i no it need to go to the side!!...

 Does it hurt when you dislocate a body part?
Or do you just not feel the part any longer until it's popped back into place? Anyone with personal experience?...

 Broke my Toe?
I broke my big toe on the 28th November I was working abroad and the docs did the usual taped it up I took lots of painkillers and after a month without taking an X-ray told me it must be fixed, ...

 Have you ever beet up someone i have not?

 Is My Foot Broken?
Ok, I was being stupid last night and I jumped off a 8 foot high cement wall and landed on.. cement. I landed on my foot wrong and I think it is broken but I'm not sure. It is swollen blue on ...

 Painful shoulder and arm - alternative medicine?
A couple of years ago I jumped and did a big reach with my right arm to reach a frisbe in a tree. My shoulder was really painful for quite a while, I rested it and eventually seemed ok. Recently I ...

 Can a person dislocate a rib?
Without a fracture....

 Am i addicted to codeine?
10 weeks ago i fell and badly tore my ankle ligaments,i was given 500/30mg of co codomal,i took 3 or 4 a day for the first couple of weeks and then down to 1 aday,if i don't take one a day my ...

 Why cant I touch my elbow with my tongue?

 I can't feel my toe...?
6 months ago I wore these really high shoes out to a special event and ever since, I haven't been able to feel my second last toe properly...well I can kinda feel it but whenever I walk on it it ...

 Will i be considered safe already after 48 - 72 hrs from a head injury?
I bumped my head on the wall while bathing my dog in the house three days ago. The impact was quite hard but I didn't know if I need to be alarmed until recently that i've read some ...

 Im going to be in a cast for ages please help im really upset :-(?
im sorry to keep asking questions but:

doc's diagnosis was everybone in my arm from top to bottom was very badly broken because i fell from quite a height and its was a minimum of 2-3 ...

 Blood in the lining of my eye after being hit in it...?
My husband and I got in a fight last Sunday night, he punched me in my eye after I threw him off our porch. When he hit me he did it from the side, right away the side of me eye swelled up almost the ...

 I have a pain in my groin -doc says must have xray on hips ? how come.?

Can you pull a muscle vomiting?

i doubt it....i ve vomitted a lot for various reasons and have never had this problem.

Jamie S
yes you can, been there done that

Pedro S
yes...sammy sosa pulled one sneezing

Marcie H
Yes you can. Happens to lots of people.

Sandy Sandals
Yes, your abdominal muscles may feel like you've been doing sit-ups.

you could pull an abdominal muscle while vomiting.

vomiting sometimes involves excessive force coming from your abdominal muscles and it's not uncommon to pull a muscle in that area or have muscle soreness from vomiting.

you can try applying a heating pack for 10-15 mins maximum in your abdominal area to help ease the stiffness and soreness but make sure the pad is not directly touching your skin (and never sleep with it-fire/burn hazard).

once you have stopped vomiting and are able to keep solid food down-take ibuprofen to help with pain. take 200-400mg every 6 hours but no more than 1200mg in 24 hours

It's possible you can pull a stomach muscle..

Ms Toki
Definately, you can dtrain a muscle or make your eyes get all red

Yes. if you strain yourself. my friends eyes turned red for about a week after throwing up too hard.

Ann D
Yes you can

Aussie Nurse
sure can, vomiting is a very strong reaction/ muscle contraction - the human body doesn't do things in halves!

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