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 I think I broke a small toe. What can be done for this?
I stubbed it very hard! It was bleeding under the toe nail. I have put ice on it. It hurts but I can deal with the pain for now. What else can I do first aid wise?...

 I have a problem i crack nuts at xmas between my thighs and i get chaffed legs is this normal?

 Knot on my shin, bruising,swollen& painful to walk. What do I do?

Additional Details
I fell & slammed leg against hard ...

 Doctors note?
hi i need some advice people. iv been off work for the last 2 nighs with a bad foot im in agony with it looks like a bad sprain my worry is it needs to rest so i need a doctors note for a few days im ...

 What is wrong with my toe? Left foot, toe next to big one.?
It is very sore to touch on sides, on joint and on bottom and sometimes hurts when try to bend it. I haven't knocked it and the nail is not ingrowing....

 I just got stabbed the other day do i need a tetnis shot or nething?

 Is it possible to survive a bullet?
Just ...

 Can I be sued for accidently hurting someone?
Okay so my friends shannon and I were messing around in the hall at school and i like bumped her. She hit a glass show case on the wall and it fell and broke all over the floor. Some kid was walking ...

 My knee....OUCH!!?
ok so at practice for football my knee was pushed backwards,and a big linemen rolled over it...so its kinda like a big 290 pounder pushed my knee backwards...its really hurting is there anything i ...

 What age does you nose stop growing?
My doctor has told me that my nose has grown crooked becuase I suffered injury to my nose a couple of years ago. and I was wondering at what age does your nose stop growing im 16 right now. if I dont ...

 Blood poisoning from Brown Recluse Bite???
My son was bitten on the side of his neck by a brown recluse 2 days ago - we captured the spider in a jar and I drove him to the ER. The doc there didn't even look at the bite, but identified ...

 Does anybody have a cure for a stiff neck? I've had it for about a week and it was getting better.?
Just got worse tonight. All the muscles are tight and knotted and I cant move my head with out pain.
Please help. Thinking of going to chiropractor tomorrow
Additional Details

 I ripped my heel open..!?
You know how your heel is like, really tough? Okay, well i just ripped it open and its throbbing and i cannot get stitches on it cuz it like ripped off the skin and it hurts!! I put a band-aid on it,...

 Ouch! earring/ear question please help!?
okay well i got my ears pierced for the 2nd time because last time they closed up but anyways i got this done in nyc a few months ago and my right ear started getting infected but i just waited it ...

 Why is there a crack in the middle of my butt?
This is a very complex situation
Additional Details
This thing called poop... It doesn't look very tasty... does it?...

 His Index finger is GONE!!!?
OMG!!!! My 5 year old brother just chopped off his index finger!!! I was babysitting him, and told my parents I wouldn't let him play with knives!!!! What the hell am I going to do???!!!!!!

 I twisted my ankle pretty bad a month and a half ago and the pain still hurts. I can't afford the dr.'s.

 Why did it happen?
OK this morning i had some ready break about 10.30 then i went to the gym for an induction at 1.15, ive been to the gym before a nd i was fine. But today whilst i was having my induction she showed ...

 How can you fade scars?

the nails on both of my tiny toes are dark to black. It has been this way since I can remember. Is there anyway for it to go away?...

Can you go swimming with stitches?
My boyfriend fell thru a glass window as he passed out recently, and got deep cuts in his back. He had 20 stitches in his back. He gets them out on friday. We were wondering if he could go swimming with the stitches. Not like swimming laps or anything, just wading around in the pool. Im not sure if its okay or not though, help please.

No I don't think so. The chlorine in the water will weaken the stitching, and he will bleed a lot and the wounds will open up.

♥ lani s
If you really persist then you can but with safety precaution not to soak it in pool water.(A plastic or rubber shielding perhaps).But much advisable though is to wait just for few days till the wound gets dry. Safety precaution must always be the priority.Any possible cause of infection must be avoided.It is for his own good.

its not a good idea, even though there is chlorine in the pool little kids pee in it...I'm sure he doesn't want an infection, plus its not great for other swimmers either, not very hygienic. but if u got you're own private pool its not too bad, i still wouldn't advise it.

NO WAY! wait till he gets them out!

I wouldn't try, unless my docter ses yup

Sure can just be careful that he doesn't pull them out

Not a good idea. Stitches will come out before summer is over. Just wait it out.

bathing and swimming should be very minimal.

It is definitely not a good idea. Even in the cleanest pool there are bacteria that can cause infection...Best for him to wait until the stitches are out and it is properly healed

NO!!! He can not and should not. He should not go swimming until they have been removed for a full 24 hours.

Lisa the Pooh
As long as he doesn't get them wet. Have him keep a shirt on and DO NOT get them in the water. The risk of infection is high until he gets them out.

no swimming until 24 hours after the stitches are removed.

chemicals in the pool water could affect the integrity of the stitching material-which could cause them to dissolve-reopening the wound-which could then lead to possible infection.

having stitches put it whether it's 2 or 50 is no fun and i'm sure he doesn't want to go through having them put in again-tell him to tough it out until they are safely removed and the doc can make sure the cut has fully healed and is closed

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