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Can you get an abscess from shooting up oxy?
I was wondering if you can develop an abscess from shooting up oxycontin. My friend is in critical condition at the hospital. He abuses oxy's and has recently begun to inject them. At first, the doctors were thinking he had gotten bit by a brown recluse spider. Does anyone have any ideas?
Additional Details
I know that it is bad and a stupid thing. I don't know what to do other then tell the doctors. He is not really a friend, he is my partners father. The doctors have put in a pick line and are giving him diluted(spelled wrong). They say he has an pus pocket on his spine now. My partners family is in denial, and I feel that all of this is caused by drug abuse. If I told, would the doctors say I told them?

If he's using dirty needles an abscess is the least of his worries.

Did you learn anything from your friend being in the hospital?
Yes, I have an idea. Some people are just stupid.

Why do oxy when you can shoot up meth, liquid cocaine, PCP, or heroin. Can't he get the good stuff?

Not Guilty!
Yes, dirty needles and injecting in the same spot can introduce infection.

Yes, air pockets get created and then they get infected. Bingo, abcess. Your friend needs to be honest with the drs. The treatment for the abcess is going to be very similar to treating a recluse bite as it is, but he has got to be up front and stop shooting up before he kills himself with an airbubble to the heart.

Tony R

Sounds like MRSA...that sometimes looks like a spider bite and it can get bad really fast if untreated.

It is an infection that is healed or controlled by antibiotics. Have the doctors get a culture and sensitivity on it done to see if that is what it is.

Of course it could be a spider bite too.

You can get an infection from shooting up anything, even sterile, doctor ordered medication injected by a nurse using clean technique. If an infection like that goes untreated long enough, and abscess can form. That sort of abscess is usually caused my staph, which is present on your skin most of the time. Due to so many people misusing antibiotics, there are now a lot of resistant strains of bacteria, MRSA being one of the best known and most common. If your friend contracted MRSA due to illicit drug use, he could very well be in extremely serious condition because the infection may now be rampant throughout his body. In other words, he may be septic.

Are you crazy? Shooting up Oxy is not something that sounds healthy in any way to me. Does it really sound healthy to you?

Cathrine K
Yes, you can get an abcess from injecting anything. A friend of mine is on dialysis and sometimes gets them. Your friend needs to be honest with the doctors and get some help.

Misty E
Yes he probably got it from shooting up and if you are a true friend you will tell his dr or nurse that in private so they will amke sure he gaets the help he needs. You dont have to let anyone eles know you told.

sexy infidel
You can get that from shooting up anything.

Maybe or maybe not about the spider bite --but abusing Oxycontin is a death sentence! Don't break it, crush it, dissolve it, shoot it up! My Lord death is what that is gonna cause! It is a matrix designed to be broken down in the digestive system over a 8-12 hour period of time. It is for cancer patients and the critically ill or chronic pain patients! I would tell his nurse of doctor for his own good! we had 6 people die in our hospital alone, all under 23, from dumb acts with Oxycontin. Only to be taken by the person it is prescribed to in the manner is was intended to take. Please help your friend, or your next visit will be the funeral home not the hospital. Sorry, but true. Prayers and God be with him. PLEASE get him some HELP, please.

>>If you told a doctor or nurse at the hospital, no they would not tell what or who said anything, they just want to save lives. They would probably do some blood work testing for it to see if it were true and then approach the family, it would look like they stumbled on it by accident, and not implicate you in anyway. You could also leave a note at the nurses desk for the doctor if you didn't want to speak to someone face to face. It would be a very good idea, I am glad you are thinking about helping, it is the right thing to do. Good Luck.

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