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 Help i need exersizes?
ok i broke my leg and i had to have sugery on it they put in a pin that has to be taken out before i can put weight on it it i get the pin taken out in january but i want to know some exersizes i ...

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I got stepped on by a horse April 1, 2007, on my left leg (inside mid calf) the bruise was pretty bad but 15 days later it’s still swollen and bruised. It hurts to touch and feels hard (no ...

 Back Pain...?
I have this bad back pain... It hurts from the top of my spine down. It feels as though the muscles are just real weak all of a sudden. The pain started about 2 months ago when i was helping ...

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OK....I'm a bass player, playing fairly regularly both on personal projects and as part of university.
But more recently my wrists and my thumb have been very painful. It starts off as a ...

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I got hit in the face with a softball today (1st day of preseason practice) and my nose hurts. It's not broken or anything, but it's a little swolen. How can I get it to stop hurting? (it ...

 What will happen to my knee without surgery?
I fell hard on my right knee playing street ball about 7 years ago and went to the emergency room and was informed that I had torn ligaments and cartridges in my knee but I never had surgery, should I...

 Broken Fibula?

I'm 28 years of age and slipped and broke my fibula on the 2nd day of a holiday abroad. The break is on my left leg, about 6 inches below my knee and on the back by the calf.

 How to break or sprain my foot?
I no you think this is dumb, but it is for health class. I need to know a purpose reason (i got jump off roof, hammer, car accident). And yes I know this is a stupid project, and no i am not trying ...

 When should I really start to worry and bring my son to the hospital?
My son fell and hit his mouth on a ledge. His lower lip is swollen and cut and inside his upper lip it is bleeding where that little string is holding your gums to the inside of your lip. His front ...

 Injurey to ball of foot?
I tripped on a kerb yesterday , now i can't put weight on the ball of my foot? Its very sore and i can't flex my toes on that foot either without pain.
any ideas?...

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just under my rib cage on my right side. goes around to my back. am a golfer. have tournament coming up and am trying to heal as quick as possible. have been told to use hot. have been told to ...

 What health problems can you get from living in a home with black mole on the walls.?

 Why do my hands go to sleep so much?
I sleep on my side with my hands under my head. I wake up several times at night and my hand will be asleep, very numb! I have always slept on my side and I dont remember having this problem in the ...

 Still hurtz after over a month? HELP?
i fell 6 ft and landed on me wrist about a month and a half ago, and heard a snap. i cried and it swelled and everything from my wrist to the tips of me fingers turned purplish bluish red. i couldnt ...

 How do you get your mom to take me to the doctor?
i have a sprained wrist i think....my mom is in denial. she wont take me.asking isnt ...

 Should i go to school today?
While i've been sleeping these bugs must of bitten me and i have bumps on my hands and wrists, also i feel cold and very tired and i cant stretch out or fully bend my left leg. I feel like ...

 I was walking barefoot and stood on something, whch I can't remove. Should I be worried about an infection?

Additional Details
To be a bit more specific, I was walking barefoot at home today and stood on something very tiny (similar to a splinter). My foot is not swollen, but it's very ...

aoi p
Can you fracture your spine by lifting something?
i was moving things aroung until i hurted my back, now i couldnt even bend over or sit up, it feels like a sharp pain right in my spine in my lower back. You cant fracture youre back just by doing that right?

cutie pie!
its always posible that u cold have roken it but honestly i dont think thats what uve done. a disk may have slipped or u may have just pulled something

Mr. Knowitall
It is fairly unlikely that you broke your back lifting something, but you could have done a bunch of other damaging stuff.

You probably have some sort of soft tissue injury such as a muscle pull, herniated disc, bulged disc, etc.

Get off your feet and take some Naprox (Alleve). If your problem doesn't resolve in a few days then you should go have it checked.

You can find a spine specialist by searching on www.spine.org. Good luck.

Go to a doctor ASAP! You could have sustained a compression fracture in one of your vertebrae, herniated a disc, or a multitude of other things. Learn about proper body mechanics to prevent such injuries in the future and save your back:)

You can pretty well f*** if up, that's for sure.

yeah, but it depends ow heavy it is


There are stabalizing muscles that run the length of the spine. there are also ligaments holding the spine together. If the pain ran down the length of your leg or radiated away from the spine somehow, you may have herniated a disk. but since its only at the spine, my guess is sprained muscle.

You can herniate a disc, or crack a vertabrae, or cause a muscle spasm. Probably better get to a doctor. Sometimes it doesn't take much.

There's always a possibility that you can fracture a bone doing heavy work, esp. if you have weak bones (i.e. osteoporosis or osteopenia). But, more than likely you strained your muscles or injured a disc in your back.

I recommend Robin McKenzie's "Treat Your Own Back" book for more indepth answer to your question. You can get it at http://www.Amazon.com fairly cheap ($4.99-$10), esp. if you get a used copy.

Hope you feel better!

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