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 I was playing indoor football and as i took a shot the ball came back and hit me in th eye?
its very sore and red anything i can do to make it better?...

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 Okay so I have these random bruises on my toes they have been there a good 2-3 months what is wrong?
Its not the shoes trust me cause I have even been wearing flip flops also. But I just find it rather strange that they have been there so long and they have only seemed to look worse. Honestly is ...

 I went dizzy spell?
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 My husbands toe nail is bruised what next?
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 Doctors say i have varicous veins, but im only 20 im not sure what they are can anyone help?
when i was in high school i played soccer and when id get hit in the leg a vein would putrude out my leg and then go back in a leave horrible bruises. The doctors said they were varicous veins but ...

 How to tell if you've broken your foot?
I can't tell if my foot is broken or sprained?
Yesterday at about 1:00 i slipped on a pinecone (yes you can laugh)
My foot twisted and clicked and I am unable to put weight on it.

 I have a lump on the palm-side of my wrist that is protruding. Is a lump a sign of fracture or just sprain?
I realize that you are not doctors and that I need to go to see a doctor, but any expertise would help. I fell the other day and my wrist is hurting pretty badly. Please let me know signs or ...

 Why do i keep getting bruises?
they just appear even if i havnt knocked ...

 Can a guy die from being punched in the face?
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 Hip pain afer back injury?
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 Lump in my upper derriere?
I was on a water ride the other week, and banged my backside to such an extent that I got a huge purple bruise. The bruise is going now, but there's still a lump in the area. Is this normal?...

 My wrist got trapped behind a door a day ago my mum took me hospital cuz i was in pain .?
when i got there i had an x-ray there were no fractures or broken bones my wrist was an still is swollen about double its usual size i cant move it a t all the nurse said it could be something to do ...

 Best area to get a massage? (And Please No Perverted Answers).?
Mine would be my back or my feet or possibly my shoulders. I would pay for one about now. I'm kind of sore and need one....

 Punch to my head?
I got a bad punch to my head yesterday morning nd now am getting very dizzy when i stand up and am very tired whats wrong with me?plz help ...

 Okay to enlist in the Marines????
I have had back surgery to remove a disk last april since then the doctor has cleared me for all physical activity, but still I am concerned that MEPS might say differently, i have played a season of ...

Can smoking cigarrettes hurt/slow the bodies ability to heal broken bones?

absoutely. a smoker who smokes a pack a day can expect at least two to four weeks more to heal from a broken bone than a non-smoker.

Yep... short term and long term smoking effect your bodies ability to heal... broken bones included...

your body is trying to heal your lungs and air ways.. not to mention attacking the nicotine in your blood....instead of healing

well I dont think that the embalming fluid that they contain along with many many other lethal ingredients will help your bones

Amanda Jade
basically cigarettes hurt you period.

Poor healing. Some hand or wrist fractures — such as scaphoid fractures — may be tougher to heal because of poor blood supply to this area of your body.
Smoking cigarettes is also a risk factor for poor healing of fractures. If you smoke, consider stopping to give yourself the best chance of healing.

Rose L
Of course. Anyone who smokes has a weaker ability to heal. Thats why they are not good for you.

Yes, definitely.

Cigarettes are bad for you.... point blank.

Oh yes
Cigarettes decrease your ability to obtain and use oxygen properly.
And without oxygen, your cells starve and cannot function properly.
The good news is, when you quit smoking your body can usually start working properly again. However, the longer you smoke the less chance of that.

*Jelly Baby*
So they say, It is proven that smokers are less likely to be happy with the results, but let me tell you this from recent personal experience........

I smoked between 10-20 cigarettes a day whilst in plaster for my broken wrist, my doctor told me I can smoke if I MUST, well lets face it 6 weeks in plaster you ant really do much else considering 9 times out of 10 I smoke out of boredom (the devil makes work for idle hands and all), anyway, the doctors in the fracture clinic were VERY happy with the healing of my bone, it healed almost as good as new considering I shattered my radius into pieces and some parts to dust (REALLY bad break)

So my point is I did it and I healed better than expected in plaster for 7 weeks, im not saying that is how it goes for everyone but it is always nice to hear things from experience as opposed to textbook stuff. As with anything medical it all depends on the person and how YOUR body reacts.

My advice to you is if you can and I know its hard cut down or stop all together, however if you don't then I highly doubt it will majorly effect you, all doctors say about smoking is that you will be less happy with the results and it may take a little longer THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOUR BONE WONT FUSE like people are probably telling you, trust me I did a lot of research being a smoker and all, all it is is that smoking will restrict the amount of oxygen getting to the injured area, it will not stop your body doing what it does naturally and that is heal.

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