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Can i super glue a cut or a wound ?
if yes would it be healthy or cause any farther injuries

Margaret k
no don't take a risk unless its the medical kind. but just u a liquid band aid :] :] :] :] :]

Technically you probably could, however, I don't recommend it... leave super gluing a cut or wound to the professionals (just because they may use something different than typical house hold super glue).

If you have a cut clean it out really well with hydrogen peroxide, place some neosporin on it, and use a band-aid, or liquid band-aid (found at drug stores). If you think the cut is too deep and may require stitches or super gluing see a doctor, they'll be able to take care of it and still keep it sterilized.

Hope this helps. :-)

John R
I have before but I would use it as a last resort. There's a good chance you'll reopen the wound when you peel the super glue off.

Superglue can be used as a liquid suture in an EMERGENCY, when the hope of help might be far off. Like, say, if you were hiking in the woods, and got attacked by a bear, and gashed pretty bad, and the only way to help keep the wound together was superglue. Otherwise, it's not a good plan. Bacteria can enter a cut, and superglue would seal it in, and infection would happen within hours. Any superglue applied would be removed by a doctor, to clean the wound.

no, that will probably infect the cut because of the chemicals in the glue.

try getting the at-home stitches.
its just like glue...kinda, if completely liquid and you just plaster it on your wound and it should close it up.


Jeff W
Super glue was invented to close wounds and surgical insisions. It was used for this a couble of years, and I remenber my father being glued shut after hernia surgery over 30 years ago. It is no longer used for some reason, my guess is that it seals to well and doesn't allow the wound to drain. Draining is what expells the things that cause infections. So, if you are out in the middle of no-where and risk bleeing to death, super glue may just save your live. If you can get to the ER, or control the bleeding though direct pressure and elevation, that would be your better option!!

no, you can't do that.
when they glue your cut at the hospital it's a special glue for skin.
regular glue could get your wound infected, or worse, the poison from the glue could get into your bloodstream.
It will probably also burn like crazy!

Don't use any product that is not intendet for that, can burn your skin and infect it.
Something similar to that could be a Liquid bandage, you can find it at any drugstore or wallmart.

No way! That would infect it and make it even worse. If it is that bad go to the doctor. They may glue it or they may use stitches. They use a different kind of glue.

Not super glue please :D
When you try to peel off the glue, with it will come your skin ...

what????? no u cant,,,

Robert W
No, you should not bond a wound with super glue. Here's a quote from their material safety data sheet..

Contact with skin will result in burning and bonding with irritation. A skin sensitiser. Repeated or prolonged skin contact may lead to allergic contact dermatitis.

I would recommend against it. There are more sterile and comfortable ways to take care of cuts. However, superglue was used early on in its life as a medical product to stop bleeding. It was denied an FDA approval though because it was found to lead to skin irritation. I would much rather slap a bandaid and some antibiotic ointment on there.

Hope this helps!


I used superglue for that before. But since then I heard that superglue contains arsenic or something like that. The kind doctors use is medical grade.

No.... The chemicals in it are harmful. Use medical glue that is specially made to help protect and heal the wound.

I heard you can but make sure you close the wound and put the glue OVER it, not in it.

I know people who have used Super Glue with no problems. However you don't want to get it into the wound so if it doesn't close nicely I wouldn't try it. Also if the cut is too deep you really need to have a doctor stitch it up.

I wouldn't recommend it. You are putting yourself at risk of infection. The quickest way to get rid of a cut is to immediately wash it with an antibacterial soap, put neosporin on it, and cover it with a band-aid.

Why don`t you use liquid band-aid.......

My Final Answer
It's not for medical use. I tried it after I sliced a gash almost to the bone on my pinky finger cutting lemons. After doing the "Lambada" for about 90 minutes assisted with the stinging, I found some super glue and sealed the skin flap shut. It's been years and the wound has disappeared. Except for an occasional mind spasm causing me to clean the house, I'm fine. Psyche!

chivista de corazon
i'd do it

Nancy Kay
...there is surgical glue for exactly that, but do not use "Super Glue" or any brand not specifically made for medical use...

Susan G
I have used super glue on small skin cracks and very small cuts but not on anything major. It's better to just wash a cut and let it air out naturally but if you have to work with your hands then the super glue works pretty well.

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