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 My back hurts really really badly! What can I do?
My back hurts REALLY bad.. every move i make it hurts even more... now i got this heating beanbag thing on my back right now against my back and chair and its just really hot. thats all i got right ...

 Is it ok to wear high heels when you have a sprained ankle?
I sprained my ankle a few days ago. When I walk with regular shoes on or barefoot at home, my ankle hurts. However, when I tiptoe or wear high heeled boots, I don't have pain in my ankle when i ...

 Without going for an x-ray, how do you tell if a toe is broken?
My bf dropped a large tv on his big toe and now it is purple and he didn't go to work today and is in a lot of pain. He won't take my advice about seeing a doctor....

 What is the meaning of triage in the medical community?
for example a person is assigned to triage unit what do they do....

 I have a very severe ingrown toenail... would the Dr. ever put me to sleep but not remove the toe?
I have had this done before with a local anesthetic, but the pain was near unbearable; I let it go for FAR too long then as well as now....

 Have a fractured wrist, how long will it take to heal ?
It's a hairline ...

 Im in the navy and was in a auto accident, hurt my back and neck.?
Its been 8 months and the Navy docs really haven't done much, im totally against getting cortisone and would like to seek prolotherapy, spinal decompression machine and or a chropractor. I fear ...

 Coolest scar story?
What is your coolest scar and how did it happen?

Mine is on my shoulder....
A long time ago I tossed a glass perfume bottle onto a chair outside, and it bounced off, hit the cement, ...

 What the hell happened to me? This morning I think I passed out?
I was really hung over and woke up earlier than I probably should have, to get some breakfast. Then all of a sudden I got really warm and everything around me started to fade to white around the ...

 Do bruises go back to the original colour of the skin?
I have a bruise and it has healed completely but the skin is still a pale pink so i was wondering...

1/Do bruises go back to the original colour of the skin and

2/Is there ...

 I have a big old cut on my knee that is infected. I plan to swim in a pool tonight. Is this a bad idea?

 Why would hands and leg continue to get tingling numbness feeling all day ?and what will help? thank you?

 HANGNAILS! Ouch. I have one & it hurts like Heck!?
It's really warm, tender & red, maybe infected. Anyone know of any ointments I can put on it? How can I soothe the pain?
Additional Details
I did clip it down as far as I could ...

 Have a swelling on my foor it is painfull to put a shoe on and hurts to walk on, pain and swelling is at side.
any help i would be gratefull, thank you xxx
Additional Details
its not a bunion i know what they are and it is further up the foot along the side not near the toes....

 Two days ago I went to get my ears lobes pierced. Now, that first night after taking a shower...?
I stupidly took my right piercing out. I cleaned the ear and earring and managed to get it back in. But this morning I woke up to find it red, tender, swollen and sore. There is no puss. I have ...

 Where can i get an aid to pay my hospital bills?

Additional Details
i dont know where is social service im from southern california......

 Hi,how long does it take to know of disibility if youve got the award or not,?

 Is it painful to have arthoscopic knee surgery to have a partial meniscus removed?

 Is my ankle ok?
while playing soccer today i rolled over my right ankle and then iced about 30 minutes later for about 2 hours......
got home about 4 hours later and noticed that swelling was occuring on the ...

 I had a MRI,I told the doctor my hip and leg was hurting w/ minor back pain.My MRI says lumbar spine w?
and lumbarspinerad.was an mri of my hip and leg taken?When i looked at the film all i seen was my spine.Can someone please let me know if my hip and leg was even checked?...

Can i still work out if i have a bruise?
i have a bruise on my leg and i want to know if i can still work out my legs and go jogging biking swimming ect

of course you can! even just after an operation they make you get up these days let alone with a bruise.

Yep, course you can, i do it all the time. if you come back after exercises, and its pain full chuck an ice pack on it and no worries, if its bruised your muscle though, chuck a heat pack on it. sweet as mate.

Yes. Actually, workout will help the bruise heal faster because of the increased blood flow

Michael M
Yes just be careful.

duh!!! a bruise never hurt anybody. i mean, unless it hurts, and your too much of a sissy to, then stay home and nurse your leg. but if your a real athlete, or even really dedicated at working out, then you can definitely stand the pain.(if there is any, though)i mean, bruises usually arent painful unless you press on them, and so im gonna tell you what my mom tells me, its a simple answer though: dont press on it!!!!

Depends on the nature of your bruise, which your doctor and trainer, can certainly help you decide, and may even allow you to carry on with your workout, maybe, with (or without) some restrictions. Also, it may happen, that they may not allow you for sometime, to do any workout, at all.

Icy Gazpacho
If what you are doing hurts... then no.. don't do it. A bruise needs to heal.

If it is a deep bruise (muscle or bone) you need to give it a rest and allow it to heal. If it is a superficial bruise of the skin and underlying tissues then you can still workout. Keep an eye on the size and color of the bruise. If it changes to a darker color, gets larger or starts to become more sensitive, then you need to rest , ice and see a Dr.

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