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Additional Details

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Can an employer fire you when you are injured on the job?
I was injured at work on Feb 2 and have been out since then. I got a letter stating that I was terminated on March 13 and that it was retroed back to Feb 2nd. Should I be getting a lawyer now?
Additional Details
I passed the drug test, filled all proper paper work in a timely manner and filed for worker's comp. and went to the doctor they wanted me to see which is the current doctor on the case.

was your injury work related and due to negligence on their part, or did you trip on you own feet going to get coffee?

Did you notify your employer that you were injured at work?
Did you file a Worker's Comp claim?
Did you comply with your employer's requirements concerning attending doctor's appointments, return to work dates, etc.?

My guess is you got hurt at work, and didn't tell anyone. If that's what happened - you are SOL, dude!

No, they can't fire you - get an attorney!! Also try and remember whether or not there were any witnesses to the accident and get in touch with them. The company should be insured for Workmen's Compensation and it is highly likely that they aren't and that is why you were terminated. Hope this helps- God Bless!!

yeah I would, did you pass your drug test?, that's the only way they could really fire you for a job related injury.

You should be drawing disability insurance or workman's compensation which is also is paid out by your employer.
He may be trying to get out of paying you. Call your local unemployment office and get that started too... tell them what happened and see if you have a recourse to take through the state. Lawyers are expensive and they take at least 60% of whateever you might win so that isn't worth the hassle.

get a lawyer unless you were on drugs at the time.

yes, sue, and remember to tell the court that you were later fired because you got hurt (unless you got hurt by your own doing)

Yes and no. Not really enough details here. Did you follow the accident reporting policy? Did you seek medical treatment? Did you file a Workman's Comp. claim? Did they do a drug test? Did you test positive for anything. A friend was recently fired and is receiving no benefits after breaking her leg on the job, because she tested positive for marijuana. She has no legal recourse in Michigan.
Contact an attorney in your area that specializes in Workman's Comp. and discuss the issue.

I think you should call the lawyer. Not knowing what type of job you have, how you were injured, if you have a union, or a contract doesn't give me a good idea on how to answer your question. But you can give all that information to a lawyer and see if you have a case.

Good luck

Depends on What State you live in, but it would be worth checking with an atty and finding out your rights

Ricky D
Yes. or some help from a union. And you will probably need to be able to prove you were injured all this time, rather than skiving off, and that the injury was work-related.

You need a workers comp attorney.

dances with unicorns
I'd definitely be looking for an attorney; I'd also report them to your state's department that deals with employment issues.

Every state is different when it comes to work injuries, An attorney will usually give free consultations or "ask a lawyer" is a free service in my state from the bar assoc. That would be listed in your yellow pages under attorneys. Attorneys specializing in your type question of work related injuries would be the best to consult. Do not sign a thing from your job until consulting with an attorney first though cause a settlement today could ruin your future if the injury causes future problems. I would seek Workman's comp at least to make sure you have an income while you re-coop as well

Yes they can fire you for any reason they please...best bet is to get a workers comp attorney. I got injured on the job in 07/03 and was told by the employer that it was a workers comp issue. I didn't want to go that route, but they pushed me to it. When I was told I could never work a standing job again, I got an attorney for it. They ended up paying for all my dr.'s bills & what not & also gave me a $20k settlement. (And they didn't even fire me!!). You should definitley talk to someone. I am in the state of CA and most workers comp attorneys are free until you get your settlement. (My total settlement would've been 30k). Hope that helps! Good luck & feel better!!

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