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Saskia D
Can I get my stitches wet?
i just had a small surgeory on my cheek like, three hours ago, and i want to know if i can get it wet. i forgot to ask the doctor...?

I've got 5 stitches in my back right now that I got less than a week ago. The print out instructions they gave me say keep it DRY and COVERED with the original bandage for 48 hours. After 48 you can get them wet. It also says not to let them dry out. So after you shower put a small about of Vaseline (not neosporan) on the site, and cover it with a new bandage. Mine are healing great (wicked itchy, which is normal) but they look great.
Hope that helps :)

la lizzard
ive had stitches many times... and the doctor tells me not to get them wet for 24 hours... long time right?... youll live through it...

kayla h
all u have to do is ask your freakin doctor

They say you should never get stitches wet, any stiches. You should wait until they come out. If you take a shower be very careful not to get too much water on them. When you dry off, pat your cheek dry, DO NOT rub it dry. It will keep the fibers of the towel out of them plus keep the pain to a minimum.

I have never been allowed to get stitches wet, especially not that close to surgery. If you really feel you need to...call and ask the doctor. You can also ask him if you can get a clear bandage covering for them. I had it after surgery and it was great. It is a breathable plastic that you can see the stitches through, but lets it heal and you can shower as normal. I loved it and plan on asking for this covering every time I have surgery.

Emily T
since you just have your surgery you might not want to get it wet. Instead of rinsing your face wipe it with a wet cloth is acceptable. Any time you have a question about your health condition, feel free to call and ask the doctor. Don't be afraid to ask them.

Mason M
yes you can just make sure not to bump it against something

my little bother has had stichesand he has swam in salt water so i think you can get them wet

It is advised that you avoid washing the area where you have stitches (also known as sutures) for the first 5-7 days. Keeping your stitches completely dry and clean will mean you are less likely to develop an infection.

If your stitches get wet accidentally, simply dry the area immediately with a towel and make sure all the moisture is soaked up around the stitches. Don't use cotton wool as this can leave fibres behind that irritate the wound.

If your stitches get wet and you are concerned, call your GP's surgery for advice. Or call NHS Direct on 0845 46 47.

Keeping stitches dryIf you have stitches on your arm or leg, you can have a bath or shower as long as you keep your stitches dry. You could try wrapping a plastic bag or towel around your arm or leg and keep it out of the water. However, don't risk this if there is any chance that the wound could get wet.

If there is no way you can have a bath or shower without getting your stitches wet, you could try having a standing wash. Use a cloth soaked with warm water to clean yourself, making sure the water is not too hot to avoid burning yourself.

If the stitches are on your head, you may not be able to wash your hair fully for several weeks, or at least until after the stitches have been removed.

After bathing, showering, or washing, dab your stitches dry with a clean towel, even if the wound area didn't get wet, to ensure that the area is completely dry.


Betadine Swabs
Antibiotic Ointment
Cotton Swabs
Sterile Cotton Swabs

Step1Keep your stitches completely dry for the first 24 hours. You can gently wash your hair once you get home - scalp wounds aside - but not again until after the stitches are out.

Step2Dry your stitches off immediately after bathing, showering or any other time they get wet, until it's time for your doctor to remove them.

Step3Clean your stitches twice a day or as ordered by your doctor. Follow cleaning by dabbing a thin layer of antibiotic ointment over the top of your stitches.

Step4Apply the ointment with a cotton swab from the center of the wound outward - a crucial detail to avoiding the possibility of dragging germs into your wound.

Step5Examine your stitches and wound for signs of infection, such as increased redness and swelling or pus droplets, each time you clean your stitches.

Step6Smell your stitches. If they have a distinctive sickly odor, the wound underneath may be infected.

Step7Check for numbness or tingling below your wound - another symptom of infection. For example, if you have 10 stitches on the top of your hand, and three of your fingers develop numbness on the fourth day, you may have an infection.

Step8Avoid hitting or bumping your wound against anything. Stitches are strong but not impervious.

Felix N
no i dont think they can get wet

I don't remeber, my sister got some once. Oh wait, I remeber now! She got some on her foot and she couldn't get it wet she had to take baths and prop it up. But that was her foot so maybe its different, because your feet get more pressure an them maybe the dr. was worried that water would seep through. I would, if I were you, avoid getting it wet as much as possible. When you wash your face, don't fully imerge it with water, use a wet or damp wash coth.

The Robster
Yes, but you should not rub vigorously. Just kind of blot it clean with a wet cloth.

No. Usually it is at least 24-48 hours and it isn't because of the sutures, it is because of the surgery or opening they created. It needs time to close without the risk of infection that getting it wet will cause. Use a cotton pad and some astringent and go AROUND the area but NOT on it to do some cleaning. Hope this helps!!!

You may want to keep it well covered and be careful not to get it too wet. Especially if you got it just today. So I'd avoid swimming and such. But you should be ok to take a shower just keep it covered and don't drench it.

the butterfly bandages can get wet, but keep them on until they fall off. when they fall off, the stitches can get wet. DO NOT RUB THE STITCHES TO DRY THEM. this will hurt and pull out the stitches. blot them dry gently with a soft towel. the stitches (depending on what type your doctor used) will then either dissolve shortly after that or will be taken out by your doctor.


Kailynn D
usually no... they want to keep the stitches dry and clean because this will decrease the chance of getting an infection

you sure can

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