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Broken Toe?
I banged my little toe this morning, and it has doubled in size! I doubt if it is worth going to the hospital as I hear you cant do anything for broken toes. How can I get the swelling down? It hurts when I wear shoes.

All you can do is take some Ibuprofen or Tylenol for the pain and ice it and try staying off it as much as possible. There isn't anything they can really do for a broken toe besides maybe prescribing you some pain pills.

And no, you don't HAVE to see a doctor to have it "set back in place" all the doctors will instruct you to do possibly is to "buddy tape" the toe alongside/next to the neighboring toe. (with medical tape....) So don't waste your time or money listening to anyone that says otherwise.

I've broke my toe and you DO need to go to the doctor. For one simple reason, he needs to "set" it back in place. If he doesn't set it back in place, it could heal and grow wrong which will in turn create problems later. They aren't going to cast it or anything, just make sure it's back in the right place. You should wear bigger shoes, or no shoes at all....just a sock for about a week. The swelling will subside after a few days.

tape some padding on the ball of your foot to keep your toe off the floor when you walk, thats all the hospital will do.

lindsey g
This happened to me before. My foot had a collision with another persons foot and i broke my toe. Anyway it is going to swell up alot a probably bruise. Go to your doctor, get an x-ray and get some crutches. Tape your 2 toes together and put a sock over it. In about a week or 2 weeks it should be fine. I wish you luck!

Boudica Warrior Queen
Listen to sweet-coo. she knows a thing or two does sweet-coo!

Anna Hennings
Iceing is the only way to get the swelling down, as well as an anti inflamatory.

they can only cast the big toe as thats the one u use to balance i know its strange lol they just tape the other toes to the one next to it, take ibuprofen and paracetimol and strap it to the other toe with meditape hon coz thats basicly what the hospital give u hope u feel better soon xx

Connors mommy!
you need to use RICE. Rest ice compression elevation. you should do those and if the swelling isnt down in a few days go to the doctor. no1 seems to notice the seriousness of fractures, you can get blood clots from a bad break and it can hurt you all over(it can go in lungs or heart those are very serious) you should just listen to your gut instinct. if you feel something is very wrong then go to the ER. good luck

ouch put ice on it and i think you should go to the doctor..if you can walk that is

Comfrey leaves are excellent for broken bones etc, by using the leafs wrapped around it, and/or making a poultice from the juice....other than that, a cold compress, foot elevated above body when sat down, dilute majoram oil for the pain, just rub some in, padding under the toe, and lots of tlc for the poor lil thing. It's also advisable that you do not put on shoes for a while, as they can squash the toes together and delay healing.

Cold compress, wrap a damp t towel round then hold some ice or frozen veg over towel to bring swelling down, also elivate. Most times a hospital doesn't even bandage broken toes now. Rest up get someone to pamper you for a day, then you will feel better. x

OUCH!!!! poor you .....

Your Doctor will advise you to go to A & E
the place to go is the hospital,
for xray ( assesment of break)
and strapping the toes together (to prevent painful movement.)

it will be very sore for a week or two, till it heals

advice on comfortable foot wear
you may have to wear an
open toed sandal or loose slippers, or just a warm sock on its own

You will be advised to take painkillers nd anti inflamitory meds .
for a day or two . Paracetamol + ibuprofen

To reduce the swelling ;

keep your foot up , as much as possible during the day.

Do not try to walk on it just yet , .

a cold compress will also help the swelling

You are grounded for a while ,
so relax and make the most of the rest .

I do hope your injured toe , will feel better soon


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