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Broken Hand, What could happen if Not Fixed?
so i broke the back of my hand in a baseball game last night... i dont want to get a cast on it, so i could continue to play, but what could happen if i dont get a cast on it? could it get worse?

you definitely need to cast it.
theres no point in not casting it. because either way, you wont be able to catch or throw with the hand anyways.
i guess it all depends on the extent of the injury.
i know baseball ? but how did it happen ?
hit by a pitch ? or what

Caroline H
you should definitely get a cast. a doctor can make sure the bones set right so you can get back in the game ASAP. a friend of mine had a broken finger and left it alone and now it's bent kind of weird and doesn't work as well, but it's too late to fix now. do something about it now, you'll thank yourself later!

You need to go to an ER - now - if you don't, whatever you think you've broken will never heal in correct alignment and you'll end up with a mis-shapen, disfigured hand!!! As a sportsman, its not what you want or need - bite the bullet and go and see a doctor at your nearest hospital, its in your own best interest! Good luck to you and good luck in your next game - with your healed hand of course!!!

McCain/Palin '08
screw up your hand...pain....no baseball....arthritus (check sp.) pain,...oh ya...did I mention pain?

bone wont grow together straight as it should, later u might brake it again even worse cause of that and it will hurt even if you wont brake it again. also you might not be able to move your hand as much as u did before u broke it.
dude, dont be stupid...dont even try,
4 real

Red Sox World Champs 07!!!!!
from a fellow baseball player it is early enough if you wanna put a cast on it go ahead, but i really dont see a problem with playing on it unless its on your throwing and and it interferes or gets you into extremley sever pain, especially when batting. i broke my finger and so i just tape it up before every game and im good to go, untape when its time to bat, then tape it back up when i go back into the outfield

jan s
You really need to have your hand xrayed and evaluated by an orthopedic Dr.

There is a myth that if you can move your injured part (hand, arm, leg, etc.) that it is not broken. This is absolutely not true.

Not properly treating a broken bone can lead to decrease in function and deformity.

Medical care is very expensive here in the USA, but any ER must see and treat you if you have an emergent or urgent medical or surgical problem. Many healthcare facilities will also set up a payment plan for you.

Medical expenses are the #1 cause of bankruptcy in the US. Bottom line, we need HEALTHCARE REFORM so that when a person is injured, they can easily seek and receive appropriate medical care.

ya! the cast helps put the bone you broke in place and if you keep playing when it's broken it won't get fixed and when you do decide to get it checked and put a cast on it you'd be wearing it for even longer.

Winters child
you could end up a cripple. go get a cast why do you waste time go go go now

Christina C
it will heal wrong to the the ER now

yea it could definetely get worse!! you need to go to the doctor

It will look horribly disfigured and misshapen. Down the road when you get older, you might have more pain that you bargained for, just because you wanted to throw a ball.

Its crazzy.. what can i sayy?
if you dont get a cast on.. then it will get worse.. and most likely result in surgery.. because you are doing more damage to the tissue and the bone.... SO get a cast.. TRUST ME ITS NOT THAT BAD!

and you get ppl to take pitty on you ;) lol always a bonus!

soo my recommendation... GET A CAST! even though you may not want it.. ITS WAYYY BETTER then the outcome if you dont get a cast!

well hope ur hand feels better

<3 good luck!

If you broke your hand...like the bones in your hand, you will not be able to play baseball ever again. I am suprised that you can type with a broken hand (unless you are using only one hand) It is better that you get a cast on it for now, let it heal, and then you will be able to play again in a few weeks.

If you leave it broken it will become very red, puffy, and inflamed, because the broken bones will cause a lot of problems internally.

But if you can use your hand it is more likely than not, not broken.

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