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I am on strong painkillers, i was knocked of my scooter. i am bored stiff now as i have 6 to 8 weeks off work, has anyone else broken theres and if so how do they manage the house work, is it ok to ...

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It is now swollen, black, and purple ish.

He's going to the doctor tomorrow.

But he ...

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 Help me plz i am daing 2day?
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And my eye feels like it's ...

dark girl
Best thing to put on a new burn to prevent scarring?
I have just burnt myself and would like some info on what to put on the burn to help prevent it scarring. I have heard that keeping the burn moist helps. Right after i had done it, i did put it in cold water for ages so it hasn't blistered, but its very red and quite big. Thanks!

I think Vitamin E cream is good for reducing scarring.

The Instructor
rub savlon and moisturisers into it to hopefully help the skin heal. best advice i can offer sorry

My GP advised me to put clingfilm on my daughters burn when she was little, he said it prevented scarring....
But that was only untill i got her to the hospital

Since the skin has been damaged by the burn the best thing might be to ask the nurse at your doctors or at your local pharmacist as they should know best.

Hello. I would recommend putting TOOTHPASTE on your burn asap and let it soothe. DO NOT use butter or anything with butter in it as the salt will make it burn. As for scarring, I think Mederma may help with such things. That's my best advice and wish I could help you more. Take care!

Believe it or not, I have always found that the best thing to do is to wet a bar of soap (has to be a solid bar - not liquid soap), rub the wet soap over the burn and then leave it to dry. My Dad once told me this when he used to work in a private hospital. I didn't try it for ages as I thought he was talking rubbish but once I did try it, I couldn't believe that it worked ! Now I always do that.

Do nothing except cover it with a non-fluffy piece of cloth or gauze for 24 hours. Then use one of the following:
Aloe Vera, if you have a plant cut a leaf and apply the sap or buy aloe vera cream!
Vitamin E, open a capsule and rub in the liquid, (especially good to prevent scarring)
Savlon cream, just rub in gently.
If the area is larger than a 50 pence piece see a Doctor!
Please don't put ice on it as someone suggested. It can actually burn it more! If it still hurts just use cold water again!

Get some vitamin A supplements from chemist (ones that are taken orally)and cut open and then rub the oil into your skin, worked wonders on my daughters chicken pox areas

What a guy!!
Conventional cures will leave you very sore for weeks, with possibly a scar forming afterwards.

However, if the skin is not broken, then lavender essential oil, the pure stuff from the correct shops, can be applied neat to the affected area. Once will probably do. The injury will be gone in the morning.

If the skin is punctured, then a bowl of warm clean water with a couple drops lavender essential oil added, which is then dabbed onto the effected area with a clean tissue will have the burn cleared up in a couple of days. Do this 3 or 4 times a day. No scar.

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