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 I have lower back pain and Doctor wants to give me a shot in disc.?
I have a deflated disk in my lower back which allows my backbone to hit my sciatic nerve at times. Ive been going to chiropracter for over a year but pain keeps coming back. Another Doctor wants to ...

 How to tell if bone is broken?
how can i tell if the top of my foot is ...

 What do I do about knee and hip pain from working out?
My knee and hip started hurting after a workout the other day. What's up with that?
Additional Details
I was doing step ups on a stool....

 I continually sprain my ankle during football, and its starting to become painful!any advice on strenghening ?
Can anyone recomend a ankle specalist in the manchester sale area ? or any advice on strenghtening my ...

 Help me plz i am daing 2day?
I am dying, I have a butterfly in my ear and my toe nails are falling off. My skin is turning orange with a hint of pink and my tounge LEIK TTLY A SPLODED!

And my eye feels like it's ...

 I cannot look at anyone in their eyes.... help?
i can't look at anyone in their eyes. i had surgery on my eye a couple of months ago, and it still hasnt healed, so it left me with this unsightly bruising under my eye. i look deformed....

 How can i tell if my pinky is broken or just stubbed and how can i help it from hurting?????
plz help it hurts so ...

 Legal medical question, can you answer? See below.?
A student in our school has just had an operation to correct a defect in his lower leg and ankle (he has hemiplegia) and that part is currently wired and bolted into a frame that will be adjusted ...

 How to tell a girl you dont like her without pissing her off..?
My Best friend's sister likes me but im not attracted what so ever..How can you tell her you dont like without pissing her off or my friend?...

 I think i've injured my back, should i go to the doctor???
My back has been hurting very bad lately. I can't lay straight on my back,it makes my legs go numb so i have to lay on my side,even when i sit they go numb. And when i bend over it catches and ...

 How long will my cat live now he's just skin and bones?
My cat is 17/18 years old. Its is skin and bones and weighs only a few pounds. He is healthy and happy, jumps up and makes happy (and unhappy) noises. His last blood test showed healthy results one ...

 I just got told i have a very large herniated disc which compresses the spinal cord, what would you do next?

 How do you know when a cut needs stiches?
I busted the skin above my eyebrow open and it is about a 1" cut along my forehead. How do I know if I should go to the doctor and get stiches?...

 Anti-inflammtories(motrin... aleve etc...?
Generally speaking, do these drugs actually help (heal) whatever problem you are experiencing or simply masking (the symptoms) it?...

 Can smoking cigarrettes hurt/slow the bodies ability to heal broken bones?

 Broken collar bone or just hurt? Soccer injury....?
I'm one of a few girls to play soccer on our team and I'm one of our team captains. I took a pretty hard hit the other day by one of the guys on the other team and landed directly on my ...

 I have a shard of glass in my foot that is deep enough so that I cant see it...what should i do?
Its grown a callus over it!! Help!
Additional Details
See the thing is that when I press it it does not hurt, it only hurts sometimes...so I feel somewhat sillyy because sometimes it ...

 Right, Iv'e had enough of your belly aching, What do you want to do?
I suppose that your going back to your mothers?...

 What should I do about my shoulder?
I have had problems with my shoulder for over a year. Sometimes the pain is so bad that I am sick. Although I have been diagnosed with ulcers because I was being sick with blood (had a gastroscopy ...

 What is the best medicine to take for strained or pulled lower back muscles?
Can you even get muscle relaxants over the counter. Its not serious enough pain to go to the doctor. What are good anti inflammatory medicines?...

Are you supposed to shave your whole leg(upper and lower) or just the part below the knee? When should I start

You only have to shave the part that is going to show, so if you wear skirts/dresses below the knee, then that's all you have to shave. On the other hand, if you plan on showing more to a guy (taking it off) or by wearing shorts or a swim suit, it is going to look petty silly if you have dark hair. Usually the whole leg or none of it.

Ricky Retardo
Shave It High and Tight Baby Start Now

Do whatever you want. Not really much of an issue. I think most of us did it the first time because we wanted to feel grown up... like a young boy wanting to use his dad's shaver. It just doesn't matter... I haven't shaved in 3 months... course, my leg hair is very soft and thin so it's not that noticable... I'd probably shave more often if it was stubbly.

You should shave whatever you personally feel needs to be shaved, and whenever you feel like you need to.

Answer Fairy
Start with just the lower. If the hair on your thighs is really dark, go ahead and do that too. If you are young enough to ask the question of when you should start, then maybe you should consult your parents. Then again, I am a blonde who didn't need to start shaving my legs until I was 15, and I do not shave above the knee.

You should start when it's noticeable and bothers you. Usually when it starts to turn darker with puberty. I don't always do the upper leg as it's very light, fine hair that is not that noticable but once in awhile I will because it gets longer and then a person can notice it. It's all about what makes you feel pretty.

You start when that silly hair becomes long and noticeably hairy.... I know your looking right now huh? Only shave from the knee down... when you get older you want your legs to be soft on the upper legs, not stubbly. So leave that area alone. Be Careful and good Luck searching for your Answer.

Roger N
Hmm...Injuries section? This only applies if you mess up.
Anyways...I would say go ahead and shave when you start getting self conscious about it.
Shave as much as what clothes you wear. If you wear short shorts, shave high...If you only wear shorts to your knees and never wear a bathing suit, shave to your knees.

I only shave below the knee. Be very careful if this is your first time. Make sure to use shaving gel or really soap up. The first time I shaved I took off a layer of skin, I don't remember what I used, but it was not the right thing, it hurt.

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