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Uncle Wayne (ablemabel)
After surgery, which is better; to walk with a limp, or to walk with a cane and no limp?
(6 weeks after hip replacement)

My surgeon says walk without cane, my physical therapists say walk with a cane until my hip and leg is strong enough not to limp.

I am afraid to get in a habit of walking with a limp. I am 65 years old and an avid racquetball player.


Carry the cane and keep it there for insurance (loss of balance).
I suggest taking Tai Chi, just make sure you have a qualified teacher. Most American Tai Chi 'teachers' don't know what the hell they are doing.
It did miracles for this broken body.

I'm surprised your therapist and doctor don't agree on this, but I totally agree with your therapist on this issue and with you. your surgeon probably doesn't want you to develop a need for the cane, but walking with a limp only causes other parts of your body to compensate, potentially causing more problems. Your therapist is right on this issue. Walk with a cane to help you not limp when you're out and about, but when you're at home (and go see your doctor) try really working on walking w/o the cane AND the limp. you do need to strengthen your muscles and until you do you will have a limp, but no need to stress your poor healing muslces.

use it for a little while, but don't rely on it to get your around.

Jan P
(((Uncle)))) I have much sympathy for you. I'm currently struggling with a fallen arch that is causing my knees more pain than I would ever wish on anyone....People keep telling me to use a cane. I do part time....I try to walk without it at work and hold on to walls as I need to....but there are times where it is agony to place weight on my foot and then I HAVE to use the cane. (when the orthotics are made for my feet, I should be able to walk normally again.)

Get a fancy decorative cane that you can lean on if you need it but walk without it when you can.

LadyEagle is right though, crutches will get you lots of sympathy and any help you may need.

So it really depends on how you feel and how much pain you are in, and if you really need sympathy or just want to tough it out.

Crutches with a limp.. works every time!
When I chopped my toe off ( chopping firewood), whenever I went to town (once the toe was grafting back on) I found my crutches very useful in getting sympathy.
People would help me with the groceries and get one crutch dropped, back up for me...
People you have to try this... what a bloke magnet those sweet crutches were!
But in all truth they were a nightmare to get happening and I did need a hand! :-)

I also have just done (torn) a tendon and a ligament,and broken a bone in my foot, same leg, Doc says I have to keep walking and it is not a good look, *smile*

Listen to your therapist and save your back...use the cane until your gait deviations subside. These should be practiced in PT, but until you can independently walk without deviations, walking without a cane will only enforce bad habits, IMHO.

Use the cane with lighter and light pressure as you grow stronger.

Good luck

do the cane unc....

When was/is your surgery?


When you limp, you have a tendency to inadvertently train your muscles to move a certain way when you walk. I limped for a while before and after I had knee surgery, and it took months of physical therapy to retrain my muscles not to limp after I had surgery.

My advice would be to use the cane and keep yourself from limping. Muscle memory is hard to loose after you train your muscles to move your body a certain way. The healing process can be hard and slow, but remember it is temporary. You will heal and eventually no longer need the cane.

Radio Jingles
Use a cane and get moving!

(Get better soon & welcome back Uncle Wayne!)

I had an accident at 8mos. (a serious burn)
I was told IF I ever walked, I would walk with a severe limp...
I am 39 and walk, run, whatever, with no visible signs of a limp.
I do have a very small decrease in mobility (stretching) in the leg that was the most burned.
I believe with proper therapy and healing you will probably not even be able to tell you had surgery...
GOOD LUCK and exercise that leg!

♫ Atheistic Mini Skirt ♫
Walk with a cane. {{{Unc}}}

Uncle, Please use the cane...
Its better to be SAFE THAN SORRY...
Please believe me!!!!

I had a knee replacement and was told the same thing...
I used a cane to allow myself to gain back the strength I had lost...
You will NOT walk with a limp...
Please believe me!!
Just give yourself more time to heal!!!

Booger Butt
i am 63..i had 2 total knee replacements..i used a walker...then crutches..then a cane until i was comfortable and strong enough to walk on my own...the doctors and nurses cant feel YOUR pain...i now walk like nothing happened and i feel great

get the cane. Canes are sweet, plus it's better for your leg. listen to your therapist. He's paid to do therapy. Your surgeon's paid to cut you up and sew you back together, so he has no idea what he's talking about

Idiocracy Æ
Yeah, go for the cane. Plus, canes are good for whacking people who come up and ask you why you walk with a cane.

sherl pagan vt™ in brilliant red
i would use the cane...listen to your physical therapist.

i would think that walking without the cane would put unnecessary strain on your body. you might never lose the limp.

take care of yourself.

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