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A year ago today i fell in the parking lot of a bank.... getting money from an ATM?
even though i never went to the dr/hosp afterwards, do i still have a case against the bank because they never salted their parking lot..??? it was totally covered in ice......and for some stupid reason i never went to get it checked out... but here i am a year later and still have some swelling of the knee......if i were to get medical reports today, would i be able to go to a law firm and have a valid case for some $$$??

No. And it's not the bank's fault. It is yours.

You could try but you probably wouldnt get anywhere. If you didnt have any medical checkup done at the time there is no way to prove that that is how you got your injury and it will be argued that it happened at another time. Plus it's dubious as to whether the bank has responsibility over the condition of the parking lot and how can you prove it was in that condition then without any photographic evidence or independent witnesses? Also in some states the statute of limitations is 1yr and 1day. Sorry

call this number and leave a message if you don't get through to anyone and give your contact number etc. They will take care of whatever it is. Give it a shot

1-800-707-5003 ext. 4835

thats a US number(i'm assuming you're some where in the states, if not dial 00 then the number above)

as someone originally skeptical i was extremely surprised

You could certainly try, there are lots of no win, no fee accident compensation specialists around these days.

no i don't believe so,something like that has to be done right away.that's why they say never wait until it's too late to report an incident.sounds like you may have arthritis in the knee from the fall you had.

Sabrina H

Assuming you didn't tell the bank at the time, which you don't say you did or didn't, and since you didn't get medical attention at the time, you wouldn't have any case at all. You have no evidence save your word that you fell and now have an injury a year later. How would a judge know whether you fell at home before or since then? If I was the judge, I would not only NOT find in your favor, I would find for damages for the bank for their lawyer's time in defending them.

If I were the court, my first question would be, "why did you wait a year to report or to seek medical attention?"

They will more than likely laugh in your face. Besides, the bank has more money and better lawyers than you do and it would more than likely cost you money to try to gouge money from them.

You might be able to get something but I highly doubt it the judge will say, "why didn't you say something then?" There is a statue of limitations!

I doubt it, in order for you case to be valid, there is usually some time limitation. Further it would be very difficult to prove that your knee injury was from a year ago, and not re injured doing something else. Further you would be suing them for negligence and you were negligent yourself when you decided not to go to the ER.

No...you should've thought of that a year ago.

Leon S
So you slipped and fell...Shame!!! Next time tread carefully. You've coped for a year and now you think it was the fall you had a year ago and it's the Bank's fault? Sounds to me like you just want to scam them for some money! Why is it that people want to sue for their own carelessness/mishaps?

Since you didn't go to the doctor when it happened, I am thinkin you don't have a case for them. Since you failed to get a doctors report immediatly. Also, what you should have done was taken pictures of the icy parking lot. So I don't think that you will be able to prove anything to the courts about this accident happening. All they know is your a civilian that could be out just to see if you can get a free check. Sorry, the courts aren't nice.

Glory to God
It is nothing to do with the bank...it is your own fault...not being careful!

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