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A staple just went through my finger and hit the bone?
what should i do?
Additional Details
yes, im sure it hit the bone, it was my index finger. dont ask how it happened because i dont even know myself

ooooowch, that hurts just thinking about it

it must have bin one gianormus staple to hit the bone!!
thats alot of flesh to go through!u sure?
id just put sum germoline on it an cover it up. obviouly if its really bad go the accident and emergancy room.
but unless its one of them staples out of a staple gun i think itl be fine, ive stapled me finger before!

Han Ram 4 MVP '08
go to the hospital

Rubba Bubba
Uhm...go to the hospital!!!!!! i dont understand why people when they are half dead they hop online and waste time asking what to do....I would go to the hospital sweetie and besure it is safe and not infected.

Good Luck

Dominique L
IDK cuz I never got a staple caught in my fingers or known anyone who did.......

What you need to do, is go to the hospital. First , run it under some warm water and cover it. You need to get to the hospital immediatley, and they will need to get you a tetnus shot and take that staple out before it starts getting infected. Good luck!

my mother used to put the sewing machine needle through her finger every once in awhile .She just pulled it out and gave herself standard first aid but you should do as others said and get a tetanus shot

Pure Corrister
Here's what you should do:

1) Rub soap around the staple but try not to move the staple too much because this will cause severe pain.
2) Remove the staple reapplying soap as needed.
3) Wash your hands, especially around the puncture wound.
4) Apply antibiotic cream and a bandage.

Please do not try and remove the staple without soap or another lubricant because the staple will bind to your skin.

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