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well i play soccer like 3 times a week n walk/run 2 1/2 miles everyday but Sunday....i am very active....im lookin to loose about 50 ...

Do you ever skip breakfast? If so, how often and why?

♥♣♠Dragon Dust♠♣♥
yes...everyday. im fat and i dont need extra food....also i never have time, during school im always late, and in summer and breaks....im sleeping!

everyday because by the time i get up its wayyyy past lunchtime let alone breakfast

Khairiah M
everyday because i always wake up late! huhu. perhaps i should get an alarm clock???

joe the man JPA
i used to, sometimes i wouldnt eat before noon, but i realised it was making me gain weight. now i make sure to have some sort of breakfast, preferably with a combination of carbs and protein (bread with egg or cheese or a slice of lean meat or something) and maybe a veg. also at least 2 cups of liquid (water or tea, coffee doesnt count), to rehydrate myself.

not if you consider a cup of coffee breakfast. but that's about all i ever have. i haven't had a bowl of cereal in the AM in 10 years

brian m
cause i might get up to late and be in a hurry to work. or i just might not feel like it and wait till lunch, i think its normal enough to be like that some of the time anyway

king lamy jaba the 3rd
um yeah but like 7/10's of the time because im a bike messenger

stacy s
Once in awhile Do you consider coffee, Breakfast? I just do feel like eating. I drink coffee all the time though.

Paul T
Everyday unfortunately, I'm such a lazy person.

Preity Z
i do..always running late for work or school. I never find the time to eat. I usually just grab a hot chocolate or something if that even called breakfast..On weekends i have it sometimes if i don't sleep till late...its very bad to skip it though because its your only source of energy for the day and if you have breakfast you are a healthy person compared to others because most people intake as much food as possible during breakfast time because they burn it off during the day and then have something light the rest of the day. I am going to try that...I would recommend u to do so too if you do skip it everyday..

a cup of tea and ciggie is my breakie...the thought of puttin sum thing near my mouth when i get up makes me wanta b sick...i have to b up @ least 3/4 hours b4 i do that...

coz a vodka is so much better...ahhhhhh

im afraid i skip it every day-yes i know its not good but id retch if i tried to eat in the morning

I never eat breakfast actually, because it messes with my stomach. Anyway some people always eat breakfast and can't go without it so it depends on the person. But I do believe if i started to eat breakfast more often I would eventually to eat it with no problems at all.

Spanglish McWhirter
I never skip breakfast, but I don't eat it immediately after waking.

Yes because when im sick i don't eat alot and i have a blocked nose now, yesterday all i had was a pizza nothing else.

i usually have tea & toast!but it depends on the mood ia ma in.sometime i am starving in the morning,& other times i feel bloated!!!
guess it depends what i ate the night before!?

NOObama 08

Because it's the most important meal of the day. I get energy from the vitamins and minerals, and protein in the morning makes me feel fuller during the day. Skipping breakfast just causes overeating later.

unfortuantly alot of the time.. i dont seem to be hungry in the morning... i no its bad

yes quite often because i have a 5 year old and a 6 yrar old that i have to get ready and fed then get my 5month old ready and fed then i have to take the 2 oldest to school(i walk), then when i get back i automatically do the pots, washing cleaning etc(i try to get it all done b4 my fiance gets home from work at 11ish, then i have something to eat about 11.30-12, so its brunch i have, but getting up at 6 and having note till 11.30 isnt good i know but im stuck in my routine and it works for me at the moment.oh of course i have to feed my dog scoob b4 school run too lol

I enjoy breakfast. Think I will have some weetabix this morning.

*Bethany* loves_you =)
when i have
to leave quickly
to go some where
i do it alot.

Lady "D"
Yes,I do it every day ...

Big Ste
I never eat as soon as I get up. But I always have a good breakfast about an hour later.

Montreal Girl2
The simple answer is no. Why? Because breakfeast is the single most important meal of the day that kick starts your metabolism and provides fuel for your body after a night's sleep. Without it, you are running on empty, which could seem like an attractive option if you are trying to lose weight and cut calories. But the irony is that research has shown time and time again that people who skip breakfast altogether are more prone to overeat later on in the day to compensate for the skipped meal. Research has also shown that people who consistently eat breakfeast have greater consistent cognitive and concentration abilities throughout the day. Check out these sites which will provide you with more information. Hope this is helpful to you. Bon appétit!


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