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Would you get sick if you drink from the same bottle of water that you drank from when you were sick?
example: You are sick one day and drink half a bottle of water. The next day you are completly cured and drink the last half of the bottle of water that you drank from when you were sick the other day.

Would you get sick again?

I do not think so because you would have built up antibodies

Once ur not sick ur body at that time has a high resistance to that kind of bacteria, ull be fine, but dont do it anyway.

Steven D
In most cases, no. You would have an immunity against getting that same cold again.

Unless you got more than one type of germ in the bottle, you should be ok to drink it. I wouldn't let anyone drink from it though.

The germs would die off first.

I don't think the bacteria can survive for that long outside of a body. So, it would be very unlikely.

Amanda E
You would still have antibodies in your system, so they would fight off whatever may be in the bottle.

doubtful because your body has built antibody's against the virus that made you sick. that is how you got well in the first place.

i would say yes... bacteria and virusus can live on surfaces if they aren't too cold or hot i think. if i get the flu i always throw out my toothbrush and anything my mouth touched... granted it's not silverware or dishes...

no you cant catch yor own virus but always best to open another bottle,
all the best

When you catch a bacteria or virus, your body fights off the bacteria or virus and has antibodies built against it, that way when you come in contact with that bacteria or virus you will not get sick again. That is how vaccination works they give you a dead virus or bacteria so your body becomes immune to it, that way when you come in contact with the real virus you body will reject it and not become sick. That is the reason why there isn't a vaccination for the cold virus, there are millions of them and you get expose to many throughout your lifetime. HIV mutates and change so a vaccination cannot work that either. The only problem is some people do get sick from the vaccination. That is why most people who get chicken pox don't get it again, but it also depends on how bad the person had it the first time.

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